High School Football 7 on 7 lineup for this week

We know of a few games that will be going on this week and we are looking for more…..

Southwest at Southern Guilford
Northwest Guilford at Page
Also looking at Thomasville vs. Page…….
Ragsdale in action on Wednesday and Ragsdale is on the road for all of their 7 on 7’s, due the construction going on over at their school and they are on the road most Wednesdays until practice gets going on July 30………

Have not heard any news yet on Northern Guilford or on Western Guilford 7 on 7 action, but we have had people asking about those two teams…..


  1. No 7 on 7’s this week for NW. I think they have 7 on 7’s next week against Ledford, Page, and Wake Forrest.

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