Academic Fraud at the front of the UNC Football Investigation and is there a way out here?

I don’t see how they can reinstate Michael McAdoo after the undeniable cases of academic fraud against him, if the repeated academic fraud is a major issue for the UNC System…..It is all clear-cut in the favor of the NCAA when you take a look at the papers from McAdoo at…….This is an interesting read and how serious is this matter and is there a way out for McAdoo? Let’s see what you say….


  1. Now the UNC Honor Court only found him guilty on one count of academic fraud involving the Works Cited page in a Swahili class. They suspended him for the Spring semester. They did not ban him from college sports. The NCAA did that off of three counts of academic fraud, two of which hasn’t been verified by UNC. The NCAA in my opinion is at a disadvantage considering that that Dareus kid from Alabama got away with only a two-gm suspension despite taking over $1,700 in improper benefits to McAdoo’s $110. How about the players cheating on their tests in Florida State and losing only 30 percent of their season (about 4 games)? With these cases setting precedent, it’s hard for the NCAA to justify their decision to ban McAdoo from collegiate sports. The lawsuit will put the NCAA’s process (dirty laundry) to the test if it makes trial. This is why the lawsuit will be settled before then, and McAdoo will get reinstated.

  2. Are they trying to get hit with LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL?
    If not they are sure doing a lousy job of controlling their compliance department,their Honor Court for academic infractions,some professors,tutors and of course players.This shows that the WHOLE INSTITUTION OF UNC is out of control or INCOMPETENT. Several people should be fired for this.We pay taxes to support this school and they are more concerned with keeping athletes eligible than academics.Where is the UNC Board of Governors?Why have they not called for an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION AND CLEANED HOUSE OF ALL THE INCOMPETENTS AND/OR CHEATERS? Where are the Academic people that should place instruction and research above athletics?Why aren’t these people speaking out against “The tail wagging the dog?”
    I love college football as much as anything I watch on TV, but this is beyond ridiculous.Why does Butch Davis still work at UNC?

  3. Football Fan,
    Please back away from your computer and your message boards and go hug your family, walk your dog, read a book, or something to get your perspective back as to what is really important in life.

  4. Are there ANY ADULTS running things in Chapel Hill?
    This is important as a taxpayer in this state.This is the 2nd largest university that has sold out all of it’s academic reputation for the sake of keeping a few football players eligible.UNC used to be all about academic integrity. Remember when they recinded the admission of that kid from Northwest Guilford a few years ago that had the PERFECT SAT SCORE because he caught senioritis and failed a couple of AP classes during the last semester of his senior year?Why has the UNC academic integrity turned a complete 180?Is it because the football supporting large donors run things now instead of university administration?It looks like money talks and integrity walks as far as Chapel hill is concerned.

  5. Your first question is ironic, given your propensity to rant like a 12 year old. Sold out its academic reputation? Academic integrity has turned a 180? So you are suggesting that has happened as a result of a few football players? That is about the dumbest thing I have ever read here. Sounds just like all of your fellow obsessed ones on pack pride.
    By the way, the vast majority of all past, present, and future doctors, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers, civic and business leaders would beg to differ with your well thought out opinion.

  6. Let me clear things up since you are talking about doctors,dentist,lawyers,pharmacists etc.
    I was only making reference to the undergrad programs at UNC. I did fail to clarify that.
    My wife is a UNC law alum and she is not pleased with the Butch Davis Show at all and shares my opinion of that fiasco.
    You did not acknowlege the fact that I USED to believe until recently that UNC had academic integrity.
    You made no comment at all about the kid with the perfect SAT score whose admission to UNC was recinded.
    The Butch crew has made UNC academic integrity as well as my opinion of it and others turn a 180.

  7. The Academic Integrity doesn’t “turn a 180” because a few football players out of 18,000+ undergrads decide to cheat and the media spreads it around like wildfire. Anyone who has worked with or had to deal with standardized testing knows that the SAT, the ACT and tests of the like cannot and WILL NOT be the be-all-end-all measure of UNC admission. 1600 on the SAT….SO WHAT? A few F’s in AP courses by far outweighs some standardized test score. Senioritis is not an excuse for those grades. As far as the UNC football team has gone, hasn’t the Honor Court gone ahead and weeded the cheaters out? We don’t let cheaters walk the campus. It’s unfortunate that the first time we were informed of this is when the media blasted the story, but let’s not for a second act like it doesn’t happen at other schools like UNC. UNC will retain its Academic Integrity in due time (like now). I just hope eventually that people will get over it. For the record, I am a rising junior at UNC and not just a fan.

  8. Jonathan,
    Thanks for your level headed responses above. Unfortunately, level headed doesn’t matter to some on here.
    Good luck with your last two years in Chapel Hill. Enjoy the heck out of it.

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