CP3 All-Stars win out over Raptors at Proehlific Park

17U CP3 All Stars 87
Raptors 78

This was one of the highlight games tonight at Proehlific Park and Ricky Proehl, along with his son Austin Proehl were in the house as was Steve Shelton the Director of Basketball Operations for Proehlific Park…..Bob Gibbons from Bob Gibbons basketball camps, showcases and publications was on hand as were coach Mike Dement and his assistant Wes Miller from UNCG, Rusty Larue from Wake Forest, Jason Capel from Appalachian State, plus other coaches from at 30-40 more colleges……..Mike Talbott from the StarHoopers Newsletter was on board we were watching players like those on the CP3 17U team with kids like……

Theo Pinson(Wesleyan)……Reggie Dillard(Dudley)….DJ Alston(Dudley)….Aaron Scales(High Point Christian)…..Chuck Ogbodo(High Point Christian) and Rodney Purvis of Upper Room if he was wearing #24……All the kids looked good and Pinson is living up to his Top Player in the Class of 2014 status……

Other teams and kids that you can look for this weekend include:
The Cold Buckets 17U with Coach Brandon Clifford and assistant Robert Kent plus players……Justin Conner(Page), Tre Williamson(Northeast Guilford), Devon Fairly(NEG), Jalen Hairston(NEG), Sammy Tyson(High Point Christian), Dillon Roser(HPCA), Jackson Kent(HPCA), Steven Williams(HPCA), Isiah Gill(HPCA)

NC Gaters 17U with Coach Robert Johnson…..plus players Reed Lucas(GDS), Brett Manning(Caldwell Academy), Jalen Ross(GDS), Julian Sampah(GDS), Drew Williams(Smith), Emeka Izeka(Caldwell), Robert Kleinman(GDS), John Terry(GDS), Matt Uchedike(Caldwell), Lee Sweeney(Mt. Zion), Jacob White(GDS)….

New Light Disciples 17U with coach Cardes Brown plus players Brandon Clyburn(Dudley), Braxton Daye(SWG), Jordan Hanner(SWG), Daris Workman(Dudley), Adrian Slade(Dudley), Blair Houston(Dudley), Terrell Leach(SWG)…….

Team Charlotte 17 U with Bryce Benjamin(NEG)…..Josh Woodard(Wesleyan)

Team Raptors Elite 17U with Montrell Goldston(Grimsley) and Devin Waddell(Georgtown Prep) from Summerfield…..

Team Lynchburg Hoops 17U with Luke Thomas(GDS)

Greensboro Aggies with coach Ben Free and players Robert Becton(Page), Darion Jones(Smith), Valente Wallace(Smith), Corbin Duncan(Shining Light)

Bull City Select 17U with Jalen Ford(HP Andrews)

Team Phoenix Weathers 16U with Rashawn Blocker(Ragsdale), Tristian Gilmore(NEG), Jamar Weathers…

Team Phoenix Shaw with coach Michael Shaw and players Eric Carter(Ragsdale), Kai Shaw(NEG) and Mohamed Tijani(NEG)……

Team Phoenix Urena 16U with Diquan and Diwan Purvis(Grimsley) and Michael Kellog(Page)

More listings coming in the morning…….