Derek Jeter(Greensboro Hornets) needs just two hits to hit 3,000 and Coach Nat Norris(HP Andrews/Page) will there in Yankee Stadium tonight

Current High Point Andrews baseball coach and former Page Pirate assistant Randy “Nat” Norris will at Yankee Stadium tonight to see former Greensboro Hornet Derek Jeter attempt to reach his milestone 3,000th hit and as Joe Barile mentioned here earlier today:

Jeter needs two – friday night will be a delight!……

Like dynamite and out of sight, as Coach Norris’ plane touches down on a 3:15 flight and Coach Norris may be sending us some pictures of the occasion from Yankee Stadium, if Jeter can make the magic happen and then the dream comes true tonight, all for a kid that played his minor league baseball in Greensboro, at the old War Memorial Stadium……..

*****Interesting note on Derek Jeter from
Out of high school, Jeter was scouted heavily by Hal Newhouser, an employee of the Houston Astros. Newhouser advocated his selection with the first pick of the 1992 Major League Baseball Draft to Astros’ management, convinced that Jeter would anchor a winning team. Jeter received a baseball scholarship to attend the University of Michigan, and the speculation was that he would insist on a salary bonus of $1 million or more to sign.

The Astros passed on Jeter in the draft, choosing Cal-State Fullerton outfielder Phil Nevin, who signed for $700,000. Newhouser felt so strongly about Jeter’s potential that he quit his job after the Astros passed on him. Jeter was drafted by the New York Yankees with the sixth overall pick, and he chose to turn professional.*****