Power Team Sales bringing positive energy to the Sporting Goods and Apparel community

Watch for these guys at the upcoming East-West All-Stars Coaches Clinic, July 18-20, at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center……

Power Team Sales will have two booths set up at the in the Exhibition Building/Special Events Center and all coaches and team personel can visit and check out the Team Uniforms, Hats and Sports Equipment….They also provide and offer Corporate and Safety Apparel and Power Team Sales has recently added the Sqwincher Rehydration Products that seem to be catching on quickly, with the area youth and high school teams……

You will get a chance to check out some of the Sqwincher samples, at the Coaches Clinic and they have Sqwincher Activity Drinks and the Sqwincher Frozen Sqweeze pops and I’m sure they will have plenty of samples, with multiple flavors for you to try at the Coaches Clinic, July 18-20, at the Greensboro Coliseum……

Our area coaches will really like the Sqwinchers and they will also enjoy talking with Robbie, Clark, Gary, Dan and Abbey at the Coaches Clinic…..You may already know the Thomas Brothers and you’ll enjoy getting to know Robbie, Clark and Abbey as well…..

I had a chance to tour and visit their showroom back on Thursday afternoon and they have a lot to see…….You’ll see much more of them in our local community in the future, but for now if you feel you need to get in touch with Power Team Sales, with their excellent line of sporting goods and apparel, call 271-8142, that’s 271-8142, or you can stop by their showroom location at 3859 Battleground Avenue, in suite 302…..That’s just up Battleground Avenue before you get to Horsepen Creek Road and they are in the office complex on the right, just up the hill……If you will study your 3859 Battleground Avenue street number, then you will find them……

Very well laid out showroom and Robbie Efrid has done a super job of building Power Team Sales and now he is ready to take it to the community, in a much bigger way and that is all starting now and the growth will continue, right into the
Coaches Clinic at the Greensboro Coliseum, July 18-20….That starts on a Monday and runs through Wednesday, at the Special Events Center……..

High school, youth and amateur teams can count on Power Team Sales Sporting Goods and Apparel and now would be a good time to contact them, going forward into the fall seasons……Call anyone on the list:Robbie, Clark, Gary, Dan or Abbey at 271-8142………Highly reccommended and we do endorse those new Sqwincher products, you need to try them out whenever and wherever you see them….The Orange flavor can really hit the spot…..

Don’t forget their active and growing web presence at www.powerteamsales.com.

Power Team Sales, bringing positive energy to the Sporting Goods and Apparel Community…….

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  1. Andy, thank you so much for the very special and kind words! Coming from you its quite a compliment since you are Mr.Sports in our area! In fact, it was another very good friend, and Power Team Sales customer who informed me of this article. Northeast Track and X-Country coach David Blue reads your page regularly as most all coaches in the area! David has been coaching almost 30 years and showing no signs of slowing down.

    Thanks again for the special piece on our company.We are indeed excited about the upcoming show, and Mr.David Anderson will also be on board. Dave sells and handles accounting as well. Incidentally he’s probably the top fisherman in our STATE, catching a MONSTER 75 pounder earlier this summer! He was cited by our state with a special citation for his efforts.

    Thanks again Andy!

    Dan Thomas

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