Word on the Street about last night’s SWG-Southern Guilford 7 on 7

From one our readers down on Drake Road off of Kivett Drive as they took in last night’s 7 on 7 football scrimmage with the Southern Guilford Storm and the Southwest Guilford Cowboys……

Saw the sg vs swg 7 on 7……sg came out strong on offense and swg looked a little weak the first time out but picked it up as it seemed they were trying something new with the play calling.
But great games for both of these teams…..

Studies tell us that the top players on both teams with the offense are SG QB Jamie Cunningham and SWG RB Larry Edwards…..On defense we have been hearing big things out of SWG’s Brandon Banks and the Cowboys’ Braxton Daye…..Southern had a runningback last year that could fly and I think he is rising junior…….We need to start getting his name up here…..Anybody have it for us and we will……


  1. Malik Moseley was the leading rusher for So Guilford as a Sophomore last year. Didn’t play much at the start of the year, but came on later and ended up with almost 900 rushing yards and 3 games over 100. Think he is around 5′ 10″ and has some speed. Should be a big factor with Cunningham in the Storm offense this season.

  2. That’s the young man we are looking for and thanks for info…..We want to see him do well this year….He, Larry Edwards(SWG) and Reid Baxter(NWG) were among our young lion runningbacks last season and we look for big things from them and others this season…….

  3. Hey Andy don’t forget about TJ Logan over at Northern. The kid was only a sophomore last year as well and is going to be the main back in the Nighthawks offense this year.

  4. Could never forget that kid…..I remember when he was a freshman and he scored something like 8 touchdowns in a JV game and he is the real deal…..I started to include him in that Super Soph Group from last year, but I couldn’t remember if he was going to be a Junior or a Senior this year…..He is one of the best and just watching him run in the playoffs last year, I was sold on his talents and then when I saw him playing basketball, my jaw dropped a few times for sure….

    Thanks for bringing TJ back and it is good to hear from the Nighthawk Nation again……..

  5. I think SWG top offensive player might be raymond bridges he is going to be the real deal this year maybe the most underatted back in this county..
    if you watch hes highlights on hudi you will see how athletic he is he will do anything to make a play..but yes larry edwards will be thier Full back in the tripple option i belive,and strong Qb game from demario smith as he connected with his probably most favorite target bridges,we also saw bridges on Defense having his on island..
    and again braxton daye,and brandon were missing,but once the season starts they might have the strongest lb core in the whole county with the rising junior aaron fletcher who aslo was not playing last night (idk why) he was mentioned earlier this season as he took most of his snaps at full back last year he is in the linebacker core with banks braxton and who ever the other guy maybe this southwest guilford team might suprise alot of people..
    but only time will tell excited to see brandon banks this year as he was cnofrence player of the year last year so what will he do this year?

  6. the only way to find out what this swg team is about is to go interview with head coach coach SCHWARZER andy you need to have a interview cause this team might be something big,and ask him about his team as they have been quite.
    i dont think swg proves anything in the 7 on 7 because they are not a pass team so 7 on 7’s dont count for them if they had a rushing drill with other teams it would be unfair they would kill.

  7. Northdavidson will visit swg this tuesday at 830 for a 7 on 7 this should be a good one

  8. Larry Edwards is better than Malik Mosely Hands down larry is faster,probably stronger and more agile..
    it’s just sg had a better line and teams expectedd the pass from jamie cunnigham…and larry made moves with defenders on him he just didnt get holes he worked for his

  9. Raymond bridges is a great offensive player he is going to be the best back in the state

  10. Southwest guilford defense was great this past week led by bridges on again also great plays by outsideline backer Lewis
    Amazing plays by corners McMasters and Meite (great interception)

  11. Statingfacts —

    Best back in the state? You’re joking..

    He isn’t even in the top 5 backs in Guilford Co., Rogers, McCorkle, Logan, Baxter, and Monk are all better.

    Don’t forget the number one prospect in the state.. Keith Marshall
    Then you got Jela Duncan, Chris Mangus, Demetrius Fairley, Tommy Branch, and many more..

  12. WOAHH,he might not be the best state in the back but for sure he might be one of the best in the county,drew rogers whats a drew rogers?
    mccorkle? whos a mccorkle? tj logan? oh wow had a couple of good games? reid baxter? just had a great o-line and he’s fast?
    Lashurn Monk is a good rb he may be competion but raymond bridges might be one of the best in the area along with l.edwards.
    btw a couple years ago ray bridges got the MOST VALUABLE RUNNING BACK at the NATIONAL under classmen combine,
    with 100’s of people.

  13. You not knowing who Rogers and McCorkle are just shows how much you know about football in Guilford County..

    I just watched that kids highlight tape and, yes.. for SW.. he is a play maker. But, he is no where close to being the best back in the state, he might be in the top 25, but that’s about it.

  14. Okay no he is top 10 in the state,he’s just under ratted because he is 5’7 i promise you he is just as good as anyother running back whos under 5’8 and nationally ranked its just he hasn’t been to many combines to get noticed but he will go D1 and that for sure..
    and yeah hes better than rogers and McCorkle if you wanna be honest give ray a small hole and he will score im not sure if you were at the page 7 on 7 but he juked thier best middle linebacker and the mlb couldnt not tell where he was going..
    and yes he has been un heard of wait till he makes a name

  15. Raymond is the best back in the county he is a great play maker he can also play wide receiver and defense so he is a triple threat but he will be top ten running backs in the state for a fact when he steps on the field he embarrases defenders

  16. While Raymond is making plays on offense the SW defense are going to be one of the beat defenses in the county with a strong line backer line up with banks daye Lewis and Fletcher they will be run stoppers also the secondary are going to be play makers with great plays from bridges and the corners
    Southwest could be contenders for a conference championship and will make it far in the state playoffs

    3 years in a row we about to beat southeast they not READY FOR US real talk.

  18. LOL, you SWG fans are too funny.

    Listen, the kid is good. But he is not one of the top 10 runningbacks in the state. He isn’t even top 3 in the county.
    I agree with Joe, Rogers is about 5’10 205lbs runs a 4.5-6 and has multiple high D1 schools looking at him. Baxter and Logan are both better backs.

    Like someone said he is probably in the top 25 in the state, but barely.. have this kid go up against a top defense like, Butler, Richmond, Mallard Creek, Jack Britt, Page, etc.. and his lack of size and physicality would show. Someone said he is 5’7 and about 165lbs. That won’t get it done against the good schools and quite frankly at the next level.

    Please do not get me wrong though, he is a good player for a school like SW Guilford. But if you stand back and take off your green tinted cowboy glasses, you would see that he isn’t up there with the top backs in the state. And if he was top 10 and a D1 prospect, he would be all over Rivals and Scout and he would have multiple D1 offers. Please just be real….

    I do agree with everyone about SW Guilford’s LB corps. They will be very stout and will be one of the best up there with Page’s, Dudley’s, and Ragsdale’s linebackers.

  19. Keith Marshall is 5’10 Bridges is 5’9 this has nothing to do with it.
    he is top 3 in the county he better than rogers,and logan and baxter he just didn’t get many snaps this year cause airyn willis was the biggest palymaker and if im not wrong airyn willis was MRS.D1 best player in our county last year along with m.harris.
    but wait till the season bridges is gonna be one of the top backs in the county.

  20. I remeber mount tabor game ray bridges was making plays agaisnt the once of the top defense…
    he had like 56 rushing yards on 4 caries.
    end of discussion best ath in the county..

  21. Daniel Downing and Ray Bridges are the 2 guys this year we will see at diffrence positions for each team.
    both of this guys are good guys

  22. Daniel Downing isn’t on scout and he’s going D1.
    so whats your point just cause ray isn’t on scout doesnt mean he’s not going D1

  23. Raymond Bridges Stats from last year..

    Rushing – 67 carries for 350 yards 3 TDs

    This doesn’t tell me that is is one of the best backs in the state….

    To Compare

    Drew Rogers 2010 – Junior Season — Rushed for 1,028 yards and 16 TDs
    2009 – Sophomore Season — Rushed for 1,100 yards and 16 TDs

    TJ Logan 2010 Sophomore Season — 95 carries for 1072 yards 14 TDs

    Reid Baxter 2010 Sopomore Season — 166 carries for 1221 yards 14 TDs

    The numbers speak for themselves..

  24. It doesn’t matter what WIllis did last year for Bridges.. Last year James Summers had over 3000 yards total and 37 touchdowns in his Jr year and Rogers still had 1000+ yards and 16 touchdowns.. If Bridges was good enough he could have put up big numbers like Rogers did, even with a playmaker at QB.

  25. Willis only had 339 passing yards 3 TDs, 1004 rushing yards 10 TDs. So Bridges should have had more yards then what he had last year. Willis didn’t put up that huge of numbers. Compare this…

    Summers — 1,623 passing yards 21 TDs, 1,267 rushing yards 16 TDs
    Rogers — 1,028 rushing yards 16 TDs

    Willis — 339 passing yards 3 TDs, 1004 rushing yards 10 TDs
    Bridges — 350 rushing yards 3 TDs

    See the difference here? For you to argue that Bridges didn’t have big numbers because of Willis, well compared to Summers (in his Jr season) he didn’t even put up big numbers.. If bridges was a top back in the state, he would have posted more yardage AND TDs.

  26. Okay look who page had on thier o-line people who could block? SWG had a good line but not great..
    Airyn willis is better than james summers and thats the truth
    look who james summers is throwing to
    and look who airyn willis was throwing too
    numbers don’t mean anything we can just wait til this year and see whos better.
    If Ray is not the best
    how did he got MVP RB at the national underlclassmen combine yall kill me
    Ray is better than rogers if scouts saw real game out footage ray makes people miss and truck
    drew jus has holes because they have good lineman and are disclened because of tiher coaching staff
    Raymond Bridges might not be better than rogers but TJ LOGAN AND REID BAXTER? are you freaking serious?
    this is a joke acutllay
    watch some tape of bridges..
    and we will see once the season comes around/
    and SW guilford had 5 people with over 400 rushing yards in braxton daye,airyn willis,aaron fletcher,ray bridges and larry edwarrds
    and drew was the main load so now be a philoshper do your research and if your a page fan
    im pretty sure broke your LB’s ankles during the 7 on 7…end of story

  27. Page had 1 senior, 1 Jr, and 3 sophomores on their Oline last year.. 2 of Page’s starters on the OL had to sit out the whole season due to the 2.0 GPA rule. The OL was very young and inexperienced last year and Summers/Rogers still put up monster numbers. So, the Oline was not the reason why they had so many yards.. Drew didn’t have that many holes because of good lineman.. so you can throw that out the window..

    You said that Ray is better, and then you said right after that, that Ray might not be better then Rogers.. I agree with you on the 2nd one. He isn’t better then Rogers, BUT he is better then Baxter and Logan.. I’ll give you that. HE will need to show it this year though.. last years stats were pooop..

    Okay, he got the MVP at one combine.. how many kids were there? How good were those kids? There are over 500 combines all over the nation that award an MVP.. are all of those kids the best at their position too? hahaha, NO.

    Question.. how is Willis better then Summers? He had more yards and TDs, and he is a year younger. are you blind?

  28. Okay,there are only 3 national underclass men combine per yeat and to get mvp rb is a good thing quit trrying to take credit away and let one be thier best
    and airyn willis is better that james summers airyn played his first year at qb if he has a great qb to throw to him airyn would be the best reciver and the best game airyn had was agsint gleen he rushed for 340 yards and airyn was injured 3 games in the year and they took him out of the game many times..
    watch that.
    and Ray is gonna suprise he only had 47 carries maxpreps messed it up

  29. Let me add this as well – Thuc Phan for Page also had over 900 yards rushing as well…There were numerous games where Page was blowing out a team in the 4th quarter and Devate Hooker was taking their handoffs…Page’s 3rd rb had more rushing yards and touchdowns as your man…Also, Drew broke his hand the 2nd game of the year and this had an effect on his ability and limited him…

    Now, I personally would never criticize a kid but if you hadn’t seen a player play then I would reserve comments like yours…Ray may be the best but I can’t give my opinion since I have never seen him play, however, I seriously doubt that you have seen Drew play or else you would probably think differently…IMO, if Ray was that good then I am very surprised the coaching staff didn’t use more of his playmaking abilities…I usually like to give the coaches the benefit of the doubt and that they know what talent that they have on their team…

  30. Let me add this too – As a Page fan I wish Ray well…I hope he gets a D-1 scholarship…If the kid has the talent then I wish him the best and would be pulling for him to succeed at any college he chose…

  31. Yeah i hipe drew the best hes a great rb the page offense was good it was just swg had plent of wdapons and ray was mainly on defense if you check ray kickoff return qnd punts hed be top in the stae in those yardage
    But best of luck to page.
    It just kills when people think ray bridges isn’t brtter than monk mccorle baxtrr and logan this year ray will turn alot of heads

  32. If SWG had plenty of weapons.. and Ray was MAINLY ON DEFENSE.. then how is he automatically the best RB in the county?.. if he played defense.. that doesn’t make any sense what so ever…………. Rogers is big enough (5’10 205) and athletic enough to play LB for Page.. but he doesn’t because he is the best RB in the county and one of the better ones in the state. Simple as that, end of discussion.

  33. Here are Roger’s highlights from last year.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJPXc_U5wfM

    Not only does he have quick feet and he is fast, but he is also big and physical and doesn’t shy away from contact, which is why numerous universities are looking at him.

    At 2:30 look at him drag Butler’s #4, Kris Frost, Best linebacker in the state last year that is at Auburn now. As you can see numerous times on the tape that it takes more then 1-2 guys to bring him down.. He rarely gets tackled on first contact.

    Also last year he played almost the whole season with a broken hand and couldn’t use his stiff arm and wasn’t able to switch hands with the same ease. You can notice his cast in the tape.

    After watching Bridges on Hudl and this tape from AthleteVault/InsideCarolina, if you can’t say that Rogers is the better back, then you must just be a family member of Bridges or something..

  34. Okay maybe hes not better than rogers but hes better than any other back in the area.

  35. Yea right ray is better and the whole swg team is going to turn heads watcout for their defense too

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