Josh Hamilton can only hear a kid screaming for his dad after tossing ball into the stands

You have probably read about it, but it really hits hard for North Carolina native Josh Hamilton(Raleigh Athens Drive High School), who tossed a ball to a dad in the stands, at a Texas Rangers game on Thursday night and then the father fell to his death, after trying to catch the baseball….Now all Hamilton can hear are the screams of the man’s young son, calling out to his dad……

This is a tough one and Josh Hamilton has battled cocaine and alcohol addictions and now this hits and it hits hard…..A true test of Hamilton’s inner faith…..

“It’s just hard for me, hearing that little boy screaming for his daddy. … That’s one of the main things I remember,” Hamilton said. “It’s definitely on my mind and in my heart. I can’t stop from praying enough for them.”

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