Inside on the SWG-North Davidson 7 on 7 from this morning:Ray Bridges the Real Deal!

This report just came in from one of our readers and be sure to check it out….Good update…..

I just got in from the SWG and North Davidson 7 on 7..and I saw this Ray Bridges kid every one is talking about boy it was hot outside and so was Bridges he looked like a reciver he caught everything that touched his hand greats routes..and hes quick i don’t think there is any defensive player in our confrence who could tackle him 1 on 1 in the open field.
North Davidson and Southwest Guilford looked great.
but sure thing is you don’t belive it untll you see it this Raymond Bridges kid is the real deal never heard of him, but hes got potentioal….

Good report and if see any 7 on 7’s this week and have a report for us, send it our way and it will make it to the top…..


  1. @Until,

    He can still be the real deal without a D-1 offer. There are tons of great HS Football players in this country that don’t get D-1 offers. So quit being a Hater!

  2. People who say you need a D1 offer to be a good football player obviously don’t know football. Most d1 offers come from more than how good you are (size). To say He isn’t the real deal because he has no D1 offer shows how oblivious you are.. and shows you haven’t seen this STUD play.

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