The fans have gone way too far in their efforts to catch a baseball and when will it end/stop?(The photos are shocking/crazy)

There was a tragic accident last week in Texas, as Shannon Stone fell to his death, trying to catch a ball being tossed up in the stands, from Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton…..And now last night, at the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby, Keith Carmickle nearly fell to a possible death, or very serious injury when he tried to catch the home run ball, from Prince Fielder….Carmickle was 20 feet above the pool deck and just above the MLB Fan Cave at Chase Field, in Arizona and he was standing on top of table barefoot, when he tried to catch that home run ball….

Every picture tells a story don’t it and we have every one of them coming your way from Yahoo Sports! when you CLICK HERE and you won’t/can’t beleive it, till you see it…..Unreal and he’s lucky someone grabbed on to his feet and that his brother grabbed his arm…..

When will it stop??? Just days after the death in Texas and here we go again…..

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  1. Hi andy, i just got in from the swg and north davidson 7 on 7..and i saw this ray bridges kid every one is talking about boy it was hot outside and so was bridges he looked like a reciver he caught everything that touched his hand greats routes..and hes quick i don’t think there is any defensive in our confrence who could tackle him 1 on 1 in the open field.
    North Davidson and Southwest Guilford looked great.
    but sure thing is you don’t belive if untll you see it this Raymond Bridges kid is the real deal never heard of him,but hes got potentioal

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