R&B Air in Palomono finals today

R&B Air(Dudley) vs. Charlotte City Metro Dilworth for the Palomino Regional Title….Dilworth must beat R&B twice to claim the title…..


  1. Yes, R & B won, Glad to see Brandon Burkes back playing with the team I am curious why his name was never called , and when I was their on yesterday and today Brandon played like his old self, but they kept on calling him another name , No one should not want to take anything away from him and R & B Won 12-2 with Brandon’s help.

  2. Ian’t that team composed of players from all of the city schools? Are the Smother coaching?

  3. I thought the Palomino Region Tournament was in Va.Beach next week. What tournament is this?

  4. No palomino team from the league has played in the pony series since Justin moved to the PP program and since moved on to the Hitting Zone in Winston. I think Justin and his team will be heading for Virginia Beach sometime this week. Anyone know about his team, would like to follow them like when he was with PP.

  5. The Hitting Zone leaves on Thursday to head to Virginia Beach to play in the Palomino Region Tournament. The winner goes to Pittsburgh and the winner of Pittsburgh heads to L.A. They have been playing all summer in showcase tournaments across the south. Not sure of who is on the team but heard that they are fairly strong. I do know that their 16u team is presently in Atlanta playing in the 16u World Wood Bat World Series. They are presently 2-1 and have 2 more games to play in their pool. There are about 200 teams in this tournament and will be there all week. Not sure who is on this team as well but know that they have about 3 highly recruited D1 players. Wish I knew thaair names but I don’t

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