UNC’s honor court system fails student-athletes

Changes need to be made in the way the system operates and I’m not sure those changes will be made….The UNC honor court system has failed it’s student-athletes, by not being prepared when the real tests are administered and for not administering, the real tests…..

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  1. UNC has failed as an institution. They have failed everyone in this matter and I believe the best is yet to come.


  2. UNC has failed as an institution because some football players were found guilty of cheating and were ruled ineligible to play football, put on probation and suspended, and given F’s?
    Now there’s an intelligent comment. A very large number of North Carolina’s best and brightest students who are working their tails off there would beg to differ.
    Get a life.

  3. I agree many of North Carolina’s best and brightest students are working their tails off in Chapel Hill.
    If I or a relative of mine that has a degree from there would not want it cheapened by the LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL going on over there with their athletic department.They have admitted students to play there that other ACC schools admisssion offices have rejected.The UNC Board of Governors needs to call for an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION into academic cheating among athletes. The school FAILED IN THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION AND WAS PROVEN BY message board monkeys detecting plaigarism by Michael McAdoo. Why did the UNC Honor Court,the professor for the course or an academic tutor FAIL TO CATCH THIS? Bottom line : NONE OF THEM WANTED TO CATCH IT. THEY ALL WANTED TO KEEP MCADOO ELIGIBLE FOR FOOTBALL.

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