High School Football 7 on 7’s for this week

Page at Southern Guilford on Monday afternoon and they are working on Grimsley-WS Atkins for later on this week….

If you have any results or know of other 7 on 7’s that are coming up, send them our way…..Practice starts next Saturday July 30th…….

As the ref used to say, PLAY ON!


  1. Since we haven’t seen a lot coming in from yesterday’s action, I decided to bring this in from over at the Wake Forest 7 on 7 post where we have around 17 comments and since that post has left the front page think we ought to carry it on here for the current status of our high school football discussion…..

    No says:
    July 20, 2011 at 3:06 am
    “NW Viking Fan” said it all. These kids arn’t rookies, they know what they are doing. And why isn’t anbody talking about all the other teams losing players? Smith lost their star QB, the Jordan kid, Ebron, and their stand out corner. Northern lost Maurice Harris, Scarfone, and Muhammed Kellah. HPC is losing Drew Adams, and the big kid on the D line. So it looks lik everyone’s gonna be doing some reloading, but for some reason everyone acts like Northwest is the only team in which seniors graduate. Good luck “Insider” to you and your team.

  2. Good points by No and we carry on here….

    Northwest won the 7 on 7 and the Vikings won the Wake Forest 7 on 7’s against some decent competition……NWG lost OL/DL Mark Sugg, LB’s Alex and Austin Pauley, plus WR/RB Chris Eley……But the Vikings have QB Matt Pawlowski back, with backs Dalton Dillon and Reid Baxter and that is load of offense….NWG has to be your favorite in the 4-A Piedmont Athletic Conference…..Ragsdale lost their QB, two starting RB’s and at least a couple of receivers…..The Ragsdale key will be QB Herndon and whoever he is throwing the ball to….Ragsdale has plenty of receivers coming back and they all work hard and look good, but NWG is your favorite…..High Point Central lost QB Drew Adams, one of the top receivers in the state in Derek Grant, Jay White up front, Merrit Blanks, the kid that returned the ball for a TD versus Ragsdale in the playoffs in the Bison win at Ragsdale, plus HPC will be missing Aaron Leach and Tyreek Sparks…….SWG is an animal that is completely untamed or unharnessed….Looks like on paper that the Cowboys would lose to NWG, Ragsdale and HPC, but we don’t know much about the SWG offense yet with the exception of the proven RB Larry Edwards pus Ray Bridges…..HPC has Monk back and he is one of the top rated high school prospects in the state and might be a major candidate for Player of the Year in the conference, but I would think that Matt Pawlowski would get the nod, based on experience and leadership….Monk can play on offense and defense and he can play RB or WR and DB……

    With the Metro 4-A, Page is the MaxPreps.com pre-season #1 team in the State and that is listed on MaxPreps and MaxPreps has Page listed as #140 in the entire nation…..That’s just pre-season numbers, but pre-season numbers are fun, cause they help get you thinking and when you start thinking, you start getting ready/prepared…..Smith lost QB Jeff Sims, RB Elijah Jordan, TE/DE Eric Ebron, WR Quinton Ables, DB Demari Boswell, WR/QB/DE Cody Davis and two key linemen, but Smith has a new QB in Kalen Pratt, the lefty and at least three strong lineman coming back, plus DE/TE Kiandre Thompson…..Smith will be OK…..

    Page will be the heavy favorite to win the Metro, but the real wild card is becoming Grimsley…..DJ Reader will line up fulltime at FB and how do you like that? A 6’3/300 pound FB coming at you with 4.8 speed in the 40…..He’ll be hitting the holes primarily as a lead blocker, but when he does carry the ball on short yardage plays, say 3rd and 1 or even 4th and short, how about trying to stop a 300 lb. fullback????? I’m not sure if me and Coach Coiro and Coach Gillespie and even Coach Brewington could do it, but some of the young kids can…..Who knows, but I’m here to tell you, that is a load………Jake Simpson, as the sophomore QB with a year’s experience under fire, should be well tested for Grimsley and ready to go……..What if you have 3rd and short and Grimsley is running right and you have Reader as the lead blocker out of the backfield and big Charlie Jones up there at TE or tackle????? You will really have to cut down on that right side angle or your defensive left side could end up at the International House of Pancakes……..Grimsley has some equipment to work with and they should be much improved and they or Smith should be a Wild Card behind Page coming in……When you are Page and you have Summers, Rogers, Hatfield and the rest of the offensive package coming in, you will be loaded…..Much more to Page than just those three, but how would you like to have those three to lead your offensive attack…..Some kind of nice way to start out…Throw in Brian Spain, Jordan Greene and others and you have some real nice options……

    We were talking about the Wild Cards earlier and Dudley might be your sleeper……QB Hayes, RB McCorkle and a few top players up from JV’s and the backup QB, Adrian Slade, has been looking sharpe in pre-season, just like Hayes and just like Hayes, he is a lefthander……Dudley will be a playoff contender, there is no doubt about that…..

    Western Guilford……Find a runningback and line him up and let him run behind the Stadniks……SEC quality and it is time to show that…….Matt Thompson at QB and with Austin Proehl as your top WR and backup QB, you have some variety and versatilty……Western has some new players that we have been hearing about and it will be interesting to see what they can do and how they can contribute……

    Southeast will be like Woody Hayes and Bill Dooley, with three yards and cloud of dust and I’m starting to think that Coach Fritz might have played for Coach Dooley at North Carolina, but it was probably for Coach Dick Crum, back in the Kelvin Bryant days…….Will Greene is the key to the team, because he is the QB and he doesn’t throw often, but he must learn and call the plays and most of them will come from the Power I formation and nothing wrong with that as long as it is working for you…..The Pettys, with Phil and Jamal will get the ball on nearly every call…….

    Nothern is missing Harris, Scarfone, Alan Hart and a few others, but if Northern is off, I’d like to be off with Daniel Downing, TJ Logan and Mark Mitchell….Those three can play and don’t be surprised if TJ Logan leads the County in carries and in Rushing Yardage this season……He will get many chances and he likes to break off those long runs and he can do that, on a regular basis and for Page when the Pirates play Northern, it will be a case of getting several Pirates to the ball and stretch Logan out…..One on one with Logan and you may be having toast for breakfast and you’ll get burnt, I don’t care what school you are from and as for the fans, it doesn’t matter what you’ve seen or heard, the kid can burn……Have a party at the ball or just make a dance theme out of it and say, “Meet me at the Ball”……And Logan can dance, just make sure on those tackles, that your not with him he’s breakdancing……..Missed tackles can cause ouchies…..

    Southern still will give Northeast fits with Jamie Cunningham and their strong back Mosley, but NEG has the McCann brothers and their QB Kyle Martin back again, so the Rams are the favorite in the Piedmont Triad 3-A and all others, including Southern, are chasing the NEG Rams…….

    A brief look and we re-print this tomorrow as a main post, because this piece has some real good content and I know all of you agree…….

    Pre-seaon Players of the Year in their conferences…….James Summers, Matt Pawlowski, Daniel Downing, Jamie Cunningham and all QB’s…..Maybe an edge for TJ Logan???

  3. Hey, and one more reminder before we head out to the soccer game, Football Practice starts one week from this Saturday, it is time to start talking and yucking this thing up…….

  4. Just a little bit of info for ya……….Page had six (yes, SIX) players that made all conference in their division and if I’m not mistaken, only one of them (if he did in fact make the all conference team–Thuc Phan) is gone.
    If those players can compliment each other on the field, this season will go down in Page’s history as one of their best~~~~~

    Let’s “get it IN” Pirates!!!!

  5. Ooops….Just left the MaxPreps sports page. Page had 8 players (combined offense and defense) that made the Metro4 conference team last year. I apologize for the “slight” error!

  6. 4A Metro
    James Summers, QB, Page; Tripp Gordon, QB, Southern Alamance; Drew Rogers, RB, Page; Thuc Phan, RB, Page; Mycah Gaylord, RB, Dudley; Michael Fields, RB, Southeast Guilford; Xavier Knight, RB, Western Guilford; Eric Ebron, Receiver, Smith; Orlando Hatfield, Receiver, Page; Grant Handy, Receiver, Southern Alamance; KeDesh Edwards, Receiver, Western Guilford; Travon Woods, Receiver, Grimsley; Montrea Cooper, OL, Smith; Kameron Love, OL, Smith; JD Galyon, OL, Page; Lewis Mc Cormick, OL, Dudley; Arien Smith, OL, Southern Alamance; Will Dancy, OL, Southern Alamance; Tyler O’Quinn, OL, Southeast Guilford; Jake Stewart, OL, Southeast Guilford; Brock Stadnik, OL, Western Guilford; David Reader, OL, Grimsley
    Elijah Jordan*, Smith, OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR
    Dushonte McCoy, LB, Smith; Keith Coleman, LB, Smith; Blake Hickman, LB, Page; Denzel Jones, LB, Dudley; Trey Brown, LB, Dudley; Aaron Faison, LB, Southern Alamance; Willis Hunt, LB, Southeast Guilford; Hunter English, LB, Western Guilford; Thomas Webster, LB, Grimsley; Quinton Able, DB, Smith; Demari Boswell, DB, Smith; Ed Britt, DB, Page; Chauncey Carter, DB, Dudley; Quan Moss, DB, Dudley; Johnny Noles, DB, Southeast Guilford; Landis Shoffner, DB, Grimsley; Daniel Boateng, DL, Smith; De Anthony Brooks, DL, Page; Dominique Neal, DL, Dudley; Shane Thomas, DL, Southern Alamance; Brandon Robinson, DL, Southeast Guilford; Mark Pettit, DL, Western Guilford
    DeMarcus Bell*, Dudley, DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR; Josh Henderson, Southern Alamance, KICKER OF THE YEAR; Daley Hall, Western Guilford, PUNTER OF THE YEAR; Jeff Sims, Smith; Jonathan Lloyd, Southern Alamance; Rodney Brewington, Smith, COACH OF THE YEAR

  7. I bet Dillon is going to play on both sides of the ball this year. Being an all conference FB the last two years you can almost guarantee he’ll see his fair share of touches on offense.

  8. My predictions…. page vs dudley for the metro crown!! NW vs. ragsdale for the piedmont triad crown!!!!

  9. Just wondering why nobody is talking bout the Champions? The Northern Guilford Nighthawks play Page, NW, and Dudley this year and we got the crown from last year! Who wants some? Nighthawks are going to surprise some people when we open up the season 3-0!!!

  10. @nighthawk
    What that looks like to me…….Northern might be pretty beat up by the time they reach conference play! They might just be 0-3 but I guess will have to wait and see.

  11. This will be a tough year for the Nighthawk Nation.This will be the first year Rosco will have to play without the normal recruits from other schools.
    Let’s see how they fair playing with only the kid’s that live in the district. The true test of a coach and team is playing with the cards you were dealt , not stacking the deck.
    Good Luck NG

  12. Nighthawk,

    Another reason nobody is talking abut Northern is Nobody Cares. Around these parts anyway.

  13. Let the nighthawk hating go. There are plenty of people rooting for the Nighthawks. They will be very good again. Maybe not a state title, but they will be good. They play one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the county.

  14. Northern will do their talking on the field….State Champs from last year, they deserve their props…..Downing and TJ Logan, I’d like to have a backfield like that to start over with……Downing will run through a brick wall for you, while Logan is running aroung the wall so fast you can’t keep up with him…..It will take more than just those two, but that is a good starting point….

  15. Let them not talk about these Nighthawks. Page, NWG, and Dudley may be the talk of Greensboro, but they gonna get trashed by Downing and Logan. Page, NWG, and Dudley WILL NOT be able to stop these two cats. Their only HOPE is to contain them. The Nighthawks have too much talent for these other teams to think they just gonna get by.

    The Nighthawk Nation can talk on here too, but we will see you on the field.

  16. How bout this for a match up……Downing for Northern and Summers for Page. Talk about two playmakers at QB!!!

  17. I hear all this talk about Page, Northern, NW, Dudley…..Don’t forget we beat 3 of those 4 last year! The only reason we didn’t beat up on Northern cause we didnt play them.

    3 – things you can count on this season-

    1.Smith will beat Dudley again this year!
    2.Smith will beat Page again this year!
    3.Smith will win the Metro again this year!!!!!!!!

    Smith is the real deal again this year. Our speed in the backfield and huge O-line is going to punish teams this year! Smith is going to take the Metro and as much as yall hate it there aint nothin yall can do about it!

    Golden Eagles baby!!!

  18. How many times does someone have to say this…

    Page won the Metro last year too! Too bad you couldn’t add Southern Alamance to that list of teams you beat… oh yeah and HP Central

  19. What’s wrong Tom and NG Nation NO Repeat this year for the State Title.
    You were on extra point away from not being able to claim last years title.
    You might play one of the toughest non-conference schedules around, but you sue got it easy in the conference, one of the weakest
    in the state. Force knew what he was doing when he put NG in that conference. You all better hope the school don’t grow to 4A status.

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