No Christmas Card exchange this year between Art Chansky and Butch Davis

Art Chansky has again called for UNC football coach Butch Davis to be fired and you can check out the Chanksy audio at and look under the Audio heading on the Home Page and watch on the page, for the heading “Butch Davis should be fired Now”…..

Chanksy was an UNC football and basketball writer for many years, but he spoke out against the program last year, when the UNC Football Investigation began and from the beginning he said Butch Davis should be terminated and now he is also calling for the dismissal of UNC Athletic Director Dick Baddour…..

Shortly after Art Chansky called for the removal of Butch Daivs back in 2010, the University of North Carolina severed all ties with Mr. Chansky and one has to think that now, with the most recent calling for Davis’ removal, Chansky will not have to wait by the mailbox this December, in anticipation of the Davis family greeting cards from Hallmark…….


  1. So they are turning their back on their own in Chapel Hill to try and save Butch Davis, lol! Wow. And all these years we’ve been told how saintly UNC is and how much better they are than all these other schools. At least some of the truth is now coming out. Amazing the administration is still supporting this man.

  2. Art is trying his best to get UNC to go ahead and fire Butch ASAP and put this NCAA “Review” behind them before the academic cheating part of it is further investigated. He is afraid that UNC athletes from other sports will be dragged into the same “Caught Cheating” problems as McAdoo and other football players. He has something to be concerned about because many of the tutors help athletes from several sports. If Jennifer Wiley for example “Helped” a few basketball players like she did for several football players then Roy is in trouble with the NCAA on a smaller scale than Butch but still could lose some key players.

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