Butch Davis proud of UNC efforts during NCAA Investigations and today he addresses the allegations and he will now release key phone records

from www.wralsportsfan.com with Aaron Schoonmaker reporting:

Durham, N.C. — Speaking publicly for the first time since the NCAA issued a notice of allegations against the University of North Carolina football program, head coach Butch Davis said that the school has handled the entire investigation exceptionally.

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  1. Redacted phone records coming.If there are few or no calls to recruits on the 216 phone then this will hurt Butch.That would mean that recruits received calls from neither the 216 # or the University supplied phone. LSU just got hit by the NCAA for that exact same thing.All they would have to do to check on this is to speak to players at other schools that were also recruited by UNC to find out what # Butch used to call such recruits. I am sure that many of these kids would enthusiastically cooperate especially those playing at other ACC schools.Who WAS called on the 216 phone may not be particularly damming but rather whom he DID NOT CALL on it would.

  2. You apparently don’t quite grasp the fact that those phone records have already been reviewed by the NCAA and UNC attorneys last fall.

  3. Yeah…kinda like McAdoo’s paper was reviewed and rubber stamped by everyone too. Whatever.

  4. How do you know that ALL OF the 216 phone records were already reviewed by the NCAA and UNC attorneys?
    Do you know whether or not UNC football coaches(note plural) are supposed to keep logs of calls to recruits?
    Do you if those coaches did follow that NCAA guideline?
    Do you know why you know so much of this stuff and Coach Davis knows VERY LITTLE?

  5. Did you see accusations of any of that in the Notice of Allegations from the NCAA after their investigation ended?
    You folks in red and white are beyond pathetic.

  6. Pathetic is your opinion and you have the right to it.
    BEING INVESTIGATED IS A FACT.Which school is being investigated? It is not one in Raleigh,Greensboro,Charlotte or Wilmington,Boone,Cullowee,Asheville,Elizabeth City,Fayetteville,Winston-Salem,Greenville,Durham or Pembroke.
    I do want UNC to keep” Chief Loses To Wolves” as their head coach even after the NCAA hinders his recruiting ability with sanctions.

  7. UNC is falling apart. Everytime something gets released the NC State fans jump all over it. If I were a UNC fan, I’d be very concerned with what is going to happen here in the end. Its a shame that Butch’s race became an issue. UNC made a big deal about it and now Cherokee Nation is shamed too. So sad…haven’t those poor folks suffered enough at the white mans’ hands. Now Art Chansky has to beat the poor injuns down too. Too bad dirty Butch couldn’t keep his program clean.

  8. NC State has given more minorities Head Coaching positions than UNC.
    The UNC donors took a picture with Davis in a head dress(looked more like a more Western tribe than a Cherokee) and posted it promoting his part Cherokee heritage.
    UNC started this so please smh and all other holes we are monitoring your classiness as well.

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