Carolina Preseason Statewide High School Football Polls with Page, Smith, Northern Guilford and many others

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Carolina Preps / NCPrepReport Top-25 Media Poll

1 Matthews Butler (7) 247
2 Mallard Creek (3) 240
3 Boiling Springs Crest 226
4 Fayetteville Britt 205
5 Richmond County 192
6 Scotland County 190
7 Greensboro Page 188
8 West Rowan 179
9 Durham Hillside 173
10 Fayetteville Seventy-First 144
11 New Bern 143
12 Asheville 121
13 Charlotte Catholic 120
14 Winston-Salem Mt. Tabor 116
15 Greensboro Smith 104
16 Tarboro 91
17 Fayetteville Byrd 88
18 Lincolnton 63
19 Winston-Salem Carver 60
20 Northern Guilford 52
21 Southern Durham 48
22 Asheville Reynolds 37
23 West Forsyth 35
24 Kannapolis Brown 31
25(T) Belmont South Point 26
25(T) Raleigh Wakefield 26

Receiving votes: Fuquay-Varina 18, Hendersonville 13, Monroe Sun Valley 10, Wake Forest-Rolesville 10, Statesville 8, Southeast Raleigh 8, Lenoir Hibriten 6, Albemarle 6, Panther Creek 6, Morganton Freedom 4, Porter Ridge 4, Greensboro Dudley 3, Havelock 3, Swain County 3, Garner 2, Lawndale Burns 2, Southwest Onslow 1, South Johnston 1

4A Top-15 Preseason Poll

1 Matthews Butler (6) 146
2 Mallard Creek (4) 144
3 Fayetteville Britt 118
4 Richmond County 117
5 Scotland County 116
6 Greensboro Page 96
7 Durham Hillside 94
8 New Bern 63
9 Fayetteville Seventy-First 54
10 Winston-Salem Mt. Tabor 40
11 Greensboro Smith 38
12 Southern Durham 27
13 Raleigh Wakefield 24
14 Asheville Reynolds 22
15 West Forsyth 20

Receiving votes: Fuquay-Varina 14, Wake Forest-Rolesville 14, Panther Creek 11, Porter Ridge 11, Monr Sun Valley 6, Southeast Raleigh 5, Greensboro Dudley 5, Garner 5, Apex Middle Creek 5, Northwest Guilford 3, New Hanover 2, Charlotte Independence 1, Raleigh Millbrook 1

3A Top-15 Preseason Poll

1 Boiling Springs Crest (7) 144
2 West Rowan (3) 134
3 Fayetteville Byrd 100
4 Charlotte Catholic 94
5 Asheville 90
6 Kannapolis Brown 88
7 Northern Guilford 82
8 Havelock 71
9 Belmont South Point 68
10 Lenoir Hibriten 56
11 South Johnston 45
12 Eastern Alamance 41
13 Morganton Freedom 37
14 Western Alamance 33
15 Lawndale Burns 32

Receiving votes: Southern Guilford 30, Gray’s Creek 24, Waynesville Tuscola 11, West Iredell 10, Statesville 9, Concord Cox Mill 5, Concord 4, South Brunswick 3, Franklin 1, Northeast Guilford 1

2A Top-15 Preseason Poll

1 Tarboro (9) 149
2 (T) Lincolnton 134
2 (T) Winston-Salem Carver (1) 134
4 Shelby 113
5 Burlington Cummings 97
6 South Columbus 96
7 East Bladen 86
8 East Duplin 85
9 South Iredell 75
10 Southwest Edgecombe 55
11 Salisbury 49
12 Polk County 28
13 Reidsville 27
14 Lexington 16
15 (T) Wilkes Central 15
15 (T) Jacksonville Northside 15
15 (T) Thomasville 15

Receiving votes: Canton Pisgah 13, Newton-Conover 8, Mountain Heritage 7, Central Davidson 3, Cedar Ridge 2, Fairmont 2, Elizabeth City Northeastern 2, Pittsboro Northwood 2, Boonville Starmount 1

1A Top-15 Preseason Poll

1 Swain County (3) 132
2 Southwest Onslow (5) 127
3 Albemarle 126
4 Wallace-Rose Hill (1) 122
5 Hendersonville (1) 95
6 Monroe 89
7 Murphy 82
8 Warsaw Kenan 65
9 Mitchell County 58
10 West Montgomery 55
11 Goldsboro 47
12 North Rowan 40
13 South Stanly 32
14 (T) Plymouth 28
14 (T) Rose Hill Union 28

Receiving votes: Manteo 17, Robbinsville 14, Williamston Riverside 13, Mt. Airy 10, Salemburg Lakewood 7, Andrews 6, Ayden-

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  1. Carolina Preps made sure we picked the most informed voters for this preseason poll. It is about as good as it gets for this early in the year.

  2. Good job Chris, Joe, Emily and others who worked on the poll……Greensboro Smith really showed up well and that may surprise some readers…..Knew they would be OK, even after the losses off last season’s squad, but let’s see what the other fans have to say about Ben L. Smith’s showing in this year’s early poll….

  3. Smith top 15?? They will be lucky to finish 4th in the Metro? Northeast behind Southern – your crazy.. Northern isn’t better than Eastern or Western Alamance. This poll is based off last years records. Whats the story on Proehl?? Would make sense though since Dad is down here

  4. This poll is a joke along with all the voters! Ben L Smith top 25 in the State after losing 18+ starters from last years team…..Give me a break!!! Dudley, Page, NW Guilford, Ragsdale, Mt Tabor, West Forsyth, East Forsyth should all be ranked ahead of Smith! What a Joke

  5. Trust me everything shakes out after weeks 1 and 2……………….pre-season polls are always fun to look at while sitting at the beach with your laptop……………..pretenders get exposed early……………….Page still needs to get past Ragsdale…………..Smith, really?…………The Golden Eagles defined themselves against S Alamnace and again against HP Central last year; their state title was beating Dudley. Page or Dudley for the Metro title with Page having the early edge. As with anything expect the un-expeced.


    1. Page
    2. Dudley
    3. WG
    4. Smith
    5. Grimsley
    6. SEG
    7. S. Alamance

  6. Smith will be a bit better then most people think.. they lost 14 starters, not 18+. Whether or not they are top 25 good, well we will find out in weeks time. It’s just a preseason poll. 2 of those teams are ranked ahead of Smith already and 3 of them are not far behind.

    The real joke is people like you that just talk without real facts. Lets see what your ballot would look like for top 25 statewide and top 15 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A.. and lets see if you can make it perfect enough to the point where people won’t argue it. Plus, half the reason why these preseason polls are made is for people to give their opinion and have people talk about them.

  7. Polls create discussion and many times that turns into debate and there is nothing wrong with that….I much rather see ans read all the good comments in on the Carolina Polls than I would hear all the NFL Lockout talk, that keeps going in the same direction over and over again….This is good dialouge and a good discussion and that is what football fans like….You have to take it all in stride and remember the people that do the polls can say they are right, right up until the last horn sounds on that first Friday night……

    Smith versus is going to be a war and that one game will go very long way in determining which way each one of those teams will go this season….I pretty sure the game is set for Smith’s Claude Manzi Stadium and going in I would take NWG to win the game, based on experience at quarterback and the two veteran runningbacks that the Vikings have and we know that means quite a bit when you are looking at the firsr game of the season and you have that experience in the backfield……I could be wrong, but we all be wrong one time or another and the fun we have along the way talking about it will be worth missteps as we head toward November….

    Enjoy the Polls and does anyone agree with me, that first game with Smith and NWG will be very BIG…..Maybe one of the biggest in the state on opening week…..

  8. If Austin Proehl is gone to Charlotte that will be a kick in the butt to Western Guilford….He was #1 receiver and #2 QB and he will be hard to replace…..Plus he was one-half of the freshmen left side of the Hornet baseball team in baseball with John Iorio….They worked very well together…..If Austin Proehl goes to Charlotte, big loss for WG and for the Greensboro area in high school athletics……

  9. cant really argue about page ‘s position in the poll… everyone expected them to be top 10… ummmm wow is all i can say about smith being a top 25 team this year in the preseason…. NW and DUDLEY need to be way higher in the polls.. i would put them ahead of smith at this point.. too much uncertainty over there for me in eagle land

  10. Dudley has 6 games against their top 25. I ‘m looking for another solid year from the Panthers and more than 3 votes at the year end poll.


  11. Here is a statement from Charlotte insider, John Teal:

    On why Austin Proehl is transferring to Providence: “It is my understanding the (Proehl) family is moving to Charlotte to be with (Ricky) Proehl as he takes over a coaching position with the Panthers.”

  12. not to take anything away from the teams that are in the preseason top 25 but for dudley to only have 3 votes and northwest to have 0 is ridiculous !!!! i would really love to hear some good excuses on how some teams were picked higher then these two. you have some teams in the top 25 who had LOSING records in the 2010 season. but yet they were picked ahead of a dudley team that went 9-4 last season playing with half a team.. and northwest of returns pretty much all their top talent form a very successful season. not to take anything away from southern durham but they went 6-7 last season and they are this high in the polls? now i know they have tons of division 1 talent and have athletes galore but if thats not putting wins in the the wins column of the record. but hey it is what it is.. im just ready for dudley and southern durham to got at it week 1 in durham. Aug. 19 hurry up and get here

  13. You guys have no clue what Smith has cooked up for this season. Smith will win 7 – 8 games this year. Smith has a good OL and DL – THATS WHERE A FOOTBALL STARTS! The 14 seniors they lost were not all starters. Their backfield is stacked and the 2 starting wr are a beast. The only place they are really hurting is in the secondary. They only have 1 returning starter, but he’s a player. He’ll locked down the other teams best wr.BTW- His name is Myles Morris and is being highly recruited by some D1 and D1-AA schools.

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