Tired of NCAA issues, ACC commissoner John Swofford calls for major reform and says, “This is not who we are as a league”

from Ken Tysiac, of the Charlotte Observer, at the ACC League and football meetings in Pinehurst, N.C…….

PINEHURST In the most serious address to the media of his 15-year tenure, ACC commissioner John Swofford called today for reforms to a college athletic infrastructure that he said has lost the confidence of the public.

At the ACC football kickoff media event, Swofford told reporters in his yearly address that:

* NCAA rules and enforcement need to focus more on serious offenses, particularly involving third parties, and less on minor transgressions such as phone calls and text messages. * Enforcement of NCAA rules needs to have consistent punishments from case to case and must take place expediently. * Athletes’ scholarships should cover the full cost of attendance, rather than just tuition, room, board and books. * The NCAA needs to consider having scholarships operate as multi-year deals rather than one-year agreements.

CLICK HERE to read all and this is serious business on a Sunday afternoon, in the heat of Summer, with football season just about ready to kick off…..