Tired of NCAA issues, ACC commissoner John Swofford calls for major reform and says, “This is not who we are as a league”

from Ken Tysiac, of the Charlotte Observer, at the ACC League and football meetings in Pinehurst, N.C…….

PINEHURST In the most serious address to the media of his 15-year tenure, ACC commissioner John Swofford called today for reforms to a college athletic infrastructure that he said has lost the confidence of the public.

At the ACC football kickoff media event, Swofford told reporters in his yearly address that:

* NCAA rules and enforcement need to focus more on serious offenses, particularly involving third parties, and less on minor transgressions such as phone calls and text messages. * Enforcement of NCAA rules needs to have consistent punishments from case to case and must take place expediently. * Athletes’ scholarships should cover the full cost of attendance, rather than just tuition, room, board and books. * The NCAA needs to consider having scholarships operate as multi-year deals rather than one-year agreements.

CLICK HERE to read all and this is serious business on a Sunday afternoon, in the heat of Summer, with football season just about ready to kick off…..


  1. We’ll see if Swoffy is really serious about doing the right thing. Everybody knows how motivated he was to tack on extra punishments to Clemson back in the 80’s. Now that his beloved Holes are in the NCAA’s crosshairs, will he change his tune? My guess is yes, but maybe the old man will actually stick by his principles. He alone can still act by the “Carolina Way” that his alma mater proved to be a complete falacy.

    Time will tell.

  2. It’s funny now that UNC is full full of thugs and cheaters……..we need to have a system overhaul.

    Carolina should get their punishment, just like Ohio State, Ga Tech and programs from the past……if you want to change the rules, fine……but let’s not change the rules now and allow current cheaters to get away with what they knew was wrong all along.

  3. John Swofford will take care of everything. He has tight grip on this league and we are still the best in the country. The ACC would not be what it is today without John’s leadership. Swofford knows what he is doing and he will remember where he came from. Get off of his back and go mow your own backyard.

  4. If he has the ACC tack on additional punishments to UNC like he reccomended be done to Clemson back in the 80’s then I am ok with him.
    If he acts like a UNC homer then the other 11 schools should demand his ouster.

  5. If John Swofford tries to further UNC’s NCAA punishment by the ACC then I will support him.
    I will believe it when I see it because I think he is a UNC homer.

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