High School Football Predictions continue with Northern and Eastern Guilford and Daniel Downing(NG) Player of the Year(Piedmont Triad 4-A schedules)

We continue our look today, at the Pre-season predictions, with the Mid-State 3-A and the pick for Player of the Year is Daniel Downing, from Northern Guilford HS…..Daniel was last year’s Greensborosports.com/FedEx Player of the Year for his efforts in Northern’s 3-AA Championship season….

The picks for the Mid-State 3-A courtesy of www.ncpreps.com are:

1)Eastern Alamance
2)Northern Guilford
3)Western Alamance
4)Eastern Guilford
5)Rockingham County
6)Burlington Williams

As we did yesterday, let’s look at the schedules from the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference today….

Northwest Guilford Vikings
August 19th at Smith….August 26 Western Guilford at home….September 2nd Grimsley at home…Sept. 9 at Northern Guilford….Sept. 16 Glenn at home….Sept. 23 at Southwest Guilford….Sept. 30 High Point Central at home….Oct. 7 at Ragsdale….Oct. 14 WS Parkland at home…Oct. 21 at East Forsyth…Oct. 28 Open….
*****For NWG you should be looking at a (9-1) or (8-2) season….Last year the Vikings went (8-3) regular season and this year, they should be in line to go (9-1)….A couple of toss-ups in Northern Guilford and Ragsdale, but NWG should be ready to beat Ragsdale this year and Smith will be a good early season test at Smith, but NWG is your team to beat, in the Piedmont Triad Conference….*****

Ragsdale Tigers
August 19th at Grimsley…August 26th Dudley at home…Sept. 2nd at Western Guilford….Sept. 9th Page at home….Sept. 16th at WS Parkland…Sept. 23 East Forsyth at home….Sept. 30 at Southwest Guilford…Oct. 7 Northwest Guilford at home….Oct. 14 Open….Oct. 21 Glenn at home….Oct. 28 at High Point Central….
*****Ragsdale should finish at (8-2) or at (7-3)….Hard games with Page, Northwest Guilford and Dudley in that order….Those three will prove to be the tough ones….(8-2) is not that bad at all, for a team that has lost a lot of players, but they have only lost 2-3 games in the past three years….*****

East Forsyth Eagles
August 19 at West Forsyth…August 26 Mount Tabor at home…Sept. 2nd at WS Reagan…Sept. 9th WS Reynolds at home…Sept. 16 High Point Central at home…Sept. 23 at Ragsdale….Sept. 30 at WS Parkland….Oct. 7 at Grimsley….Oct. 14 at Southwest Guilford….Oct. 21 Northwest Guilford at home….Oct. 28 Glenn at home…….

High Point Central Bison
August 19 at High Point Andrews…August 26 at Asheboro…Sept. 2nd at Page….Sept. 9 Grimsley at home…Sept. 16 at East Forsyth….Sept. 23 Thomasville at home….Sept. 30 at Northwest Guilford….Oct. 7 WS Parkland at home….Oct. 14 at Glenn….Oct. 21 Southwest Guilford at home….Oct. 28 Ragsdale at home….
*****High Point Central in line for a (6-5) season and that would be good, considering all the talent that the Bison lost off of last year’s team…..Justin Johnson, Woody Cornwell and Lashaurn Monk continue to be the keys to the Bison’ success….*****

Glenn Bobcats
August 19 WS Reagan at home….Aug. 26 at WS Reynolds….Sept. 2 at West Forsyth….Sept. 9 WS Carver at home…..Sept. 16 at Northwest Guilford….Sept. 30 Open…Oct. 7 Southwest Guilford at home…Oct. 14 High Point Central at home…Oct. 21 at Ragsdale…Oct. 28 at East Forsyth….

Southwest Guilford Cowboys
August 19 at Southeast Guilford….August 26 at Eastern Guilford…Sept. 2 Ledford at home…Sept. 9 at Rockingham County…Sept. 16 High Point Andrews at home…Sept. 23 Northwest Guilford at home…Sept. 30 Ragsdale at home…Oct. 7 at Glenn…Oct. 14 East Forsyth….Oct. 21 at High Point Central…Oct. 28 at WS Parkland…….
*****SWG could end up at (6-5) or at (5-6), or they could slip down to a (4-7) or (3-8)….Must go (3-2) in non-conference games and they have tough meetings coming with NWG, Ragsdale, East Forsyth and High Point Central in the conference…..*****

WS Parkland Mustangs
August 19 at WS Reynolds….August 26 WS Atkins at home….Sept. 2 WS Carver….Sept. 9 Mount Tabor at home…Sept. 16 Ragsdale at home…Sept. 23 at Glenn….Sept. 30 East Forsyth at home….Oct. 7 at High Point Central….Oct. 14 at Northwest Guilford….Oct. 21 at Smith…Oct. 28 Southwest Guilford at home…..


  1. Do not count the HPC Bison out just yet, the BlackWatch defense could return this year.

  2. The Triad is there for the taking this year and it is there for the Page Pirates taking. As long as they play to win and they don’t play not to lose they should be all right. They would beat all the area teams in head to head competition. This is the season of the Pirates if they can lock down the bIg game. Have never been able to win the big one. Finally got the Dudley monkey off of their back last year but they still can not get Ragsdale until this year. Ragsdale is supposed to be the next to fall to the Pirates and they will this year and then Northwest Guilford will go down in the playoffs if they meet. Page has to win the big one and this is the year because next year the big names will gone. Page has to do it this year and they have the ammuniton to beat Butler and Mallard Creek too. They just have to win the big one and Nothern should just be a stepping stone to Ragsdale at Ragsdale. Can Page win the big one? iIT is theirs for the taking and most Pirate fans are taking them to go very far this year and if not it will be a major disappointment. No pressure but time to go get Ragsdale and all the Metro too and then Northwest in the playoffs. Northwest is over rated. Smith is not what people say they are and Dudley does not have Amerson.

  3. PPFAN: Thanks for mentioning NW in your Rant about how great Page is, we appreciate your honorable mention. SHOWS RESPECT! The Northwest Guilford Vikings would be honored to HOST a playoff game with Page this year. Bring your lunch pales.

  4. I think that Page’s Pirates are going to approach each game with the hard work, dedication and commitment to win! They are not going to “sleep” on ANY team. They know that (in spite of Smith’s outstanding record last year) all eyes are on the Pirates. That’s a lot of pressure for them but if they stay focused and take each game…ONE AT A TIME, play their hearts out and leave everything on the field, the winning predictions will become reality.
    I think I’m even MORE excited about this season than I was the last one. Chemotherapy and radiation’s out of the way so, I’ll be a permanent Friday night fixture this year!

    Let’s go Pirates!

  5. Really PPfan??? You better hope Page wins it all after all the smack you and your fans are talking bout everyone else in the state. Page shows out in a couple 7on7’s and you think you’re Butler or something. You guys haven’t done anything yet but make everyone else want to pull against Page! Check it……If you guys go 4AA again this year it will be the same result a loss in the 2nd round to a team from Charlotte! Bet on it………

  6. Same thing as last year. Page fans talkin smack but in the end we sent them home crying! Golden Eagles!!!!!!!

  7. whoa whoa whoa PPFAN!!! i hope your pirates are gonna be able back up all this talk you giving them.. i dont think you realize the pressure they have on them to be great this year. i hope you realize that no one else in this area has the pressure to win it all this year like the pirates. you sound like page is the charlotte independence that one 100+ games in a row. i hope your right with all this praise your giving them and putting down of other teams. i hope these 199,000 7 on 7’s that page has played in this summer hasnt given you a false hope.. they will be really good this year.. no doubt about that.. but dont talk like their unbeatable. i cant speak for any other teams in the area but i can speak for one. i know PAGE is not putting any fear into the boys from 1200 lincoln street.

  8. Number #1, if you people are smart then you may would realize that anyone can come on here and pretend to be a PP Fan and talk smack; therefore, the PP Fan could be a Dudley Fan or Smith Fan really just trying to get something hyped. Or y’all could continue pretending that everyone on here is who they say they are including myself. Do you really think I’m a Page Fan? Hell, you don’t know for sure.

    Number #2 – who cares about pressure? If thats your argument then dont come to play. You think Butler, Richmond County, or any other team that knows they are good cares about pressure. They shouldn’t. I can tell you that the Page team doesn’t mind a target on their backs. Page is good, but can they finish the season with a state championship? That is too be determined, but I guaran-damn-tee they got the players to do it with. If Smith or Dudley winds up beating Page this year, then Smith and Dudley will have deserved it because they would no doubt have to have a very good team to do it.

    Basically, I’m tired all of y’all whining about Page fans being excited. Bring on the pressure, because Butler don’t care about pressure. IN FACT, if you want to be an elite team then you SHOULD EXPECT it. So, y’all keep sitting back and feeling sorry for yourselves. I’m sure Page (just like any team in the state of NC) will continue to work hard and will EXPECT to win a championship. If Page doesnt win one then the team that beats them will be a pretty damn good team. Do you think Dudley (when they had Ricky Lewis) worried about pressure? Nope, they went out and worked hard and did their thing. I’m putting my belief in that Page has that same mentality, and I do know the coaches are preaching good things will come from hard work.

  9. page fan? so is safe to say your fan of walter hines page high school??????????? just want to make sure before further comments are written by myself???????

  10. I would still say that Page and Northwest Guilford are the area favorites going into the season this year and what’s wrong with that…..If you don’t have favorites, what’s the use of having a race or a competition…..Everyone will end up getting their pub, but come Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon, the race is on and it is time to get it on…….If there is so-called pressure on NWG and Page then that is good, because in the race, that usually makes you run harder when the race is on the line……That last few feet of that sprint in practice or that one last chance to grab that runningback in a game, before he breaks loose and heads up field….The competition should make all of our teams better in the end, and looks like again, Page, NWG, Northern Guilford, NEG/Southern Guilford and maybe to a certain degree High Point Andrews(but WS Carver is very highly regarded in the 2-A’s), well those are your favorites and go get them…..The race will not be decided on October 28, but on July 30 and even more so than that, late November of 2010-July 29, that is really when you had to make your mark and be ready for the July 30 start-up……The challenge is on and it will be fun to watch and I would love to be one of those favorites, cause you bust your butt to prove you belong while the others are busting their butt trying to take you down and if you are the last man off the field and you have been working your tail off, then you are still only half-way to the finish line…..Word of the Week:Stick and stick to it and that shouldn’t be all that hard in this hot sticky weather……Looks like the competition is on and who is on their game? As the old coach used to say, “Who wants it?” and then the other would say, “Yeah and who’s gonna come get it?”………

  11. Good point Andy

    My point is: wouldn’t you want to be the team that everyone is aiming for? I surely rather be that team than the team that wonders if they’ll get 4 or 5 wins this year. If you cant handle the pressure then you dont belong at the top in the first place.

    Page hasn’t won anything yet, and the Pirates have lots to prove. I’ve been reading this message board for several seasons now, and I strictly remember the same talk about Dudley in the Ricky Lewis years. Dudley earned their right to be mentioned in the top and still deserve their respect this season. They have a very good coach in Stephen Davis, and he has his boys ready to play every single year. Do you think Dudley worried about pressure during their state championship seasons? NOPE…I’m sure Coach Davis and the Dudley team approached the season just like the previous one. They luckily had the talent to win it. All I can tell you is what I see first hand, and I like what I see from the Page kids.

  12. Dudley was getting NOWHERE nearly the same amount of hype during the title runs as this PAGE team that hasn’t even played a DOWN of football. In fact, Dudley finished in 3rd place during the ’07 title run. You pirate guys are amazing especially Mr Barile as if he’s some type of professional analyst on high school football. Get REAL Mr. Barile and quit trying to point out other teams’ weaknesses before the season has even started. Lets hope Butler doesn’t mke you guys walk the plank again this yr! Arrrrgghhhhhh!!

  13. Butch put your crack pipe down…Dudley did get the hype cause I saw it and heard it when I first moved into the Greensboro area six years ago, so stop acting like it didn’t exist…

  14. I’m not going to sit here and armchair 1/4back, nor will I say that I’m some type of professional sports writer. I won’t put another team down because, although they might be big in size, these high school players are STILL young men!
    What I will comment on is the fact that–THIS YEAR’S Page Pirate football team has something that only comes along every so often. I read/hear them being compared to Smith and Butler???Well, lemme put it THIS way…as far as Smith…they beat Page and went on to be undefeated in the regular season. So in essence, they got beat by a team that played a much better game of football. It’s THAT simple! As far as Butler??? Well, I don’t know what game YOU witnessed but what “EYE” saw was a Page Pirate team that played them neck and neck damn near to the end! I can be “kind” to my boys by using the metaphor “Butler had 12 men (counting the clock) on their side ’cause the ONLY reason you would’ve left THAT game was during the final 1/4 and THAT was IF you wanted to warm up your car OR beat the rush!
    In closing—POUND for POUND, the Page Pirate football team is LOADED with talent comparable to any other team in Guilford County. As long as that talent, dedication and determination transfers to the field, being a witness to Friday night football for a Pirate Fan should be exciting!

    Let’s get it, Pirates!!!!!!

  15. Excuse me!!!!!! Smith did NOT have an undefeated season. They DID lose to Southern Alamance. So, on ANY given night, someone’s gotta win and someone’s gotta lose!

  16. OK..this is my last comment for the night………
    Whether the Page Pirates will be followed by some in hopes that they win, they’ll be others that follow in hopes that they lose. Whether it’s on the field, in the locker room, through sports analyst or even a blog…ONE thing’s for certain……You WILL follow them!!!

    G’night folks and I hope to see you in the stadiums!

  17. Butch, thanks for calling me amazing.. It’s an honor for you to think that. Sorry about you getting fired though. Take care and good luck. 🙂

    Oh and by the way, I am no where close to being a professional analyst. What I am is.. an insider on triad are football.. Thanks for your concern though.

  18. your right Joe your no where close to being a professional! Not even close to being an insider……..

  19. Come one now people.

    Joe might not be a “professional analyst”, but who is? I’m not, you aren’t, Andy isn’t either. The only professionals are guys like Kirk Herbstreit, etc.

    BUT, Joe was the first person on this site to break the news on Austin Proehl leaving for Charlotte. He also works for Chris Hughes at Scout.com/CarolinaPreps. I think its a safe bet to say that he is more of an insider then 95% of the people that post on here, the other 5% are maybe coaches or in-the-know parents.

    Quit trying to give the guy a hard time because he knows more then you do. Trying to put someone down on the internet must make you feel like a better person. Grow up.

    Btw, Joe…. Thanks for all of the info you feed into this site. I’m sure Andy really appreciates it. Thanks again!

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