How do you do as NEWS 2 meets the pit crew at Front Row Motorsports

Brian Hall(WFMY NEWS 2 Sports) did this feature, on the NASCAR pit crew at Front Row Motorsports, in Statesville…..I saw it last night(Tuesday) on the sports with Frank Mickens and it is impressive….You get to see the pIt crew, as they train to get ready to change tires and it isn’t all about the wrenches or the tire changer….It is about physical and mental preparation and these guys do it…Some of the guys on the pit crew teams are former NFL and college football players…..

Being able to move and to move quick is a key and they even have a personal trainer…..Brian Hall has it all and you can go right down on Pit Row and hit the pit and watch them fly around, with tire changes and gas refills and exercises like you have never seen before, when you