High School football predictions continue today as we look at the Mid-Piedmont 3-A(Jamie Cunningham-POY) and the Mid-State 3-A schedules

Today’s look at the Mid-Piedmont 3-A with Northeast Guilford and Southern Guilford at the top of the Pre-season standings from www.ncpreps.com……

1)Northeast Guilford
2)Southern Guilford
4)North Forsyth
5)Southwestern Randolph
*****Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford has been tabbed as the Pre-season Player of the Year, in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference…..*****

Schedules from the Mid-State 3-A:

Northern Guilford Nighthawks
August 19 Open….August 26 at Page….Sept. 2 at Dudley….Sept. 9 Northwest Guilford at home….Sept. 16 Burlington Williams at home….Sept. 23 at Eastern Alamance….Sept. 30 Eastern Guilford at home….Oct. 7 at McMichael….Oct. 14 Rockingham County at home….Oct. 21 at Morehead….Oct. 28 Western Alamance at home….
*****You could see as many as 3-4 losses on Northern’s record this year in the regular season, with very tough opponents in Page, Dudley, NWG and Eastern Alamance…..May be looking at (7-3) or (6-4) mark, regular season…..From there, since so many are 4-A foes and last year, Eastern Alamance was 3-A, Northern could still be poised to make a deep run in the 3-AA playoffs…..*****

Eastern Guilford Wildcats
August 19 Southern Guilford at home…August 26 Southwest Guilford at home…..Sept. 2 at Northeast Guilford….Sept. 9 Western Guilford at home….Sept. 16 Eastern Alamance at home….Sept. 23 at Morehead….Sept. 30 at Northern Guilford…..Oct. 7 Rockingham County at home….Oct. 14 at Western Alamance….Oct. 21 at Burlington Williams…Oct. 28 McMichael at home…..
*****An 11-game schedule for EG and it is a tough one….Start out at home, but the Wildcats have their work cut out for them, if they want to get to that 5-6 win level for the season….Working hard and breaking through, they will go (6-5) or (5-6) and if it goes South, we are talking (4-7) or (3-8) again like last year….*****

Eastern Alamance Eagles
August 19 Cedar Ridge at home….August 26 at Burlington Cummings…Sept. 2 at Southern Alamance…Sept. 9 at Graham…Sept. 16 at Eastern Guilford….Sept. 23 Northern Guilford at home…Sept. 30 Western Alamance at home….Oct. 7 Morehead at home…Oct. 14 at McMichael…Oct. 21 at Rockingham County….Oct. 28 Burlington Williams……

Western Alamance Warriors
August 19 Reidsville at home…August 26 at Graham….Sept. 2 at Burlington Cummings…Sept. 9 Southern Alamance at home…Sept. 16 Morehead at home….Sept. 23 at Rockingham County…Sept 30 at Eastern Alamance….Oct. 7 Burlington Williams at home…Oct. 14 Eastern Guilford at home….Oct. 21 at McMichael….Oct. 28 at Northern Guilford….

Burlington Williams Bulldogs
August 19 at J.F. Webb….Aug. 26 Southern Alamance at home…Sept. 2 Graham at home….Sept. 9 Burlington Cummings at home…Sept. 16 at Northern Guilford…Sept. 23 at McMichael…Sept. 30 Rockingham County at home…Oct. 7 at Western Alamance…Oct. 14 Morehead at home….Oct. 21 Eastern Guilford at home….Oct. 28 at Eastern Alamance….

McMichael Phoenix
August 19 at Bartlett Yancey….Aug. 26 Open…Sept. 2 Reidsville at home….Sept. 9 West Stokes at home…Sept. 16 at Rockingham County…Sept. 30 at Morehead…Oct. 7 Northern Guilford at home….Oct. 14 Eastern Alamance at home…Oct. 21 Western Alamance at home…Oct. 28 at Eastern Guilford….

Morehead Panthers
August 19 at Jordan Matthews..Aug. 26 at Grimsley…Sept. 2 Magna Vista, Va. at home…Sept. 9 Reidsville at home…Sept. 16 at Western Alamance….Sept. 23 Eastern Guilford at home…Sept. 30 McMichael at home…Oct. 7 at Eastern Alamance….Oct. 14 at Burlington Williams….Oct. 21 Northern Guilford at home….Oct. 28 Rockingham County at home……


  1. Another year of high school football and it will be another Northeast Conference Championship, I am ready for it to get started. Coach Pursley just knows how to win. No disrespect to a few of the other teams in the league, some good football teams but none of them will be able to beat Northeast.

  2. Last year NEG did not dominate like in years past, they were challenged by Southern Guilford 43-30, North Forsyth 35-28 and SW Randolph 21-14. I see SG getting them this year

  3. GBO you are correct, they did not dominate, but as the old saying goes, it doesnt matter how you win just as long as you win. When your school and program have a winnning tradition you find ways to win those close games and i believe the same thing will occur again this year. I agree Southern Guilford / North Forsyth / SW Randolph / and Asheboro will have very competitive teams and make for some good football on Friday nights in the Mid-Piedmont this year but still Northeast will be the team at the top when it is all over with

    Southern Guilford dont have a good enough defense to stop Northeast, their defense was not that good last year as we scored 43 against them

    North Forsyth is not disciplined enough to beat Northeast, have to be disciplined and play responsiblity to stop the triple option

    SW Randolph and Asheboro just dont have the athletes to hang with Northeast.

    Ledford is probably the only pushover in the league and everyone else will be compettive but i dont see any of those teams beating Northeast, will give them good and close games but Northeast will find ways to continue to win.

  4. I agree to a point I just think that the conference will be more competitive than in past years but to point out

    Southern Guilford- Has athletes and a great QB with this combo they are never out of a ball game and will be tough to stop

    North Forsyth- another team with athletes but you might be right on the assignment football thing

    SW Randolph- from NC preps held them and gave them the best game of any conference foe last year,

    Asheboro- good coach and I think could have just enough athletes to compete.

    Ledford- yea no arguments there

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