UNC on fence this afternoon about the future of Butch Davis:In or out?…He could well be gone and would Baddour be next?

The futuure of Butch Davis as the North Carolina Tar Heels football coach is in doubt this afternoon and if Davis is done, could Dick Baddour be next in line to go…..It’s like, “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling”, in Chapel Hill today and GoHeels.com and InsideCarolina.com have been very busy, neither able to confirm or deny that Butch Davis is out as the football coach at UNC…..

Interesting afternoon, more to follow….It is all over the internet and the radio, so we aren’t crying Wolf here today….

from WRALSportsFan.com:
University of North Carolina Chancellor Holden Thorp met Wednesday with the Board of Trustees to discuss the future of the football program.

A university official could neither confirm nor deny that head football coach Butch Davis’ job was in jeopardy, according to sources.

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  1. As an NC State supporter, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Davis’ household. Butch Davis is a fine man of great integrity who will be greatly missed in this conference. ACC fans have been robbed of a great coaching ability. A man who could have taken this conference to new heights. Please let me go on record now saying that I, along with many on my team support Butch Davis.

    I support Butch.

    Tom O’Brian

  2. Bout time! It only took the BOT a year to figure out how to flush the turd in the punch bowl. Hey “smh”, why don’t you enlighten us now?

    Still defending your precious cheating hero and university. LOL!

  3. Ed Hardin of the News and Record and Art Chansky of GoHeels.com both said last year that Butch Davis should resign, and I believe that N.C. State was (4-0) under Tom O’Brien vs. Butch Davis and UNC…..

  4. In it’s current state, where does this leave the UNC football program? It has been like a three-ring circus down there the past year and this may put them in shambles…..Who will be the new head coach? Will they move up the man that was named associate head coach last week? Was that move made with today’s decision in mind?

    I heard former UNC and Lexington football player say the other day, “Why would a State fan want to see Butch Davis gone”? May went on to say, that N.C. State owned UNC with Butch Davis dealing the cards, and I’m not talking about phone cards either…….Who will be the new or interim coach at UNC? The season is almost already upon us and how will the players respond? Good questions. Thank-you……

  5. Andy,
    Chansky actually did not say that until a few weeks ago. He did however write a letter to Holden Thorp expressing the desire to rid the Tarheel program of the cancer that was Butch Davis last fall. When that email became public, Chansky was promptly fired from Learfield. Chansky is not with goheels.com…..he is formerly of goheels.com. He now writes for some local rag in Carboro.

  6. With Butch Davis out, the new interim coach will come in and they will establish/re-establish their recruiting system and get it in place….No sanctions or limitations on recruiting have been handed down yet and they won’t know what their recruiting limitations will be until the NCAA sends down their ruling in late October…From that point on the process and direction for the for the future will really come into focus and what you can and can not do will be decided…..

    One thing is for certain, I would steer clear of major contact by cell phone this recruiting season and you may want to go back to the old way, of sending smoke signals……Current recruits/new students on campus should be safe, but concerned, with a new man that didn’t recruit them set to take over the program, even if it is just on an interim basis….

    The way these things have gone down in the past year, this could impact this overall football program for the next 10-15 years…..The NCAA sanctions will not be a cakewalk for the Heels when they get hit in October…..The NCAA was not playing around this time and the UNC administration knew it and that is why Butch Davis had to go…..If John Blake had never showed up in Chapel Hill, I don’t think they would have been in this mess……

    Maybe we need to drift back to the days of Choo Choo Charlie Justice……He was smokin’, but it was pure steam and it least it was legal……

    The high school Senior Day at Chapel Hill is going to be real interesting this fall, to see the numbers and to see how many recruits show up, that have been on the radar for the program over the past 2-3 years……

    Recruits should be safe for now, but when the end of October rolls around and the NCAA lays down their sanctions, we may be playing a different tune……

  7. UNC is in shambles right now. If the athletic department has proved anything this year, it is that they really stink at handling adversity. Nice try buddy. UNC just went from being accused as cheaters, to being cheaters that lie and deny. I love it!

    Chancellor Thorpe may by taking credit for this…..but the BOT basically made him do it from their little secret Carolina Inn meeting.

    smh….smh….smh………… (crickets?)

  8. Not trying to sound like the “Know it All” on the recruiting take….Just my take and I’m sure others have some insight on this as well, so hit us with your best shot…..

  9. The venom directed at Carolina on this site is ridiculous. State Fans had their own issues with Valvano and they recovered. Carolina will get its house in order and will recover as well. Most of the ACC schools have been through this in one form or another. As with most things, it is not as bad as the detractors think and it is not as good as the UNC fans would lead you to believe. Carolina will recover because it is still the highest ranked academic institution in the state system and it definitely is the most nationally known. The people who HATE Carolina so much need to have a cold beer and relax.

  10. You know I have a little time on my hands and I used to be the King of the Comebacks. They call me coach.


  11. “Carolina is the highest ranked academic institution in the state system and it is definitely the most nationally known.”
    1.Having scholars like McAdoo really contribute nicely to its academic reputation.
    2.The events of the past 13 months have also made Chapel Hill even more nationally known.
    3. I will have multiple cold beers when the Southern Call style sanctions are announced.
    4. I will have even more if Roy’s boys get drug into this scandal which could happen since many of them take the same class McAdoo took and use the “UNC Steller Academic Support” system for athletes.

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