Raleigh Millbrook High School has football practice down to a science!

from www.wralsportsfan.com in the HighSchool OT section:

Millbrook High School’s varsity football players know extreme heat doesn’t mean a day off from practice.

“When we are on the field between the white lines and it’s not a water break, we expect the same things out of them,” Millbrook High Coach Clarence Inscore said Monday.

“If we get into the extreme (heat) ranges…we go into what we call a code red, which means everybody has to take off helmets and equipment,” Poole said. “At that point, we are just in T-shirts and shorts and just trying to keep the kids hydrated and safe.”

Water breaks are down to a science…..

“We typically take a five-minute break and that means absolutely no activity – helmets off – every 15 minutes,” Poole said.

Players can grab cold water anytime they need it, and they must weigh in before and after each practice.

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