Staying on the high school football practice trail

Made the way out to Northwest Guilford this afternoon and checked in the Vikings and like all the other days, it was hot……

The Vikings were moving down the hill at around 6pm and the word was the stop time would not come until 8:30pm…..NWG will get going with the two a-days on Friday and then they can come back with a morning practice on Saturday……..The way the heat has been bearing down, the state reccommends that you go with the two a-days, followed by one workout the next day…..Full gear goes on Friday morning, so the two a-days will see the teams start to get real serious…..NWG has Northeast Guilford coming up in a scrimmage at NWG next Wednesday evening and that will be followed by the NeBridge Bank Jamboree next Friday, at Rockingham County High School….

NWG is the type of team that you could describe as fast and quick and smart….Not a real big team(size wise), but there is enough depth, with the Varsity numbers at 40-plus and the JV/Varsisty combined numbers at 110-120……The NWG JV team has lost one game over the last three years and that came three years ago, in somethng like a 14-12 ball game, where they were only playing 10 minute quarters…

NWG has the big game/challenge with Smith, at Smith to open the season and Week Two the Vikings will host Western Guilford, in the “Wounded Warrior” benefit game…..NWG will have to then travel to Northern Guilford and they will play Grimsley at home, in a non-conference game….Later on in 2011, the Vikings have a road trip coming in a very big ball game, that will take them over to Jamestown, to face the Ragsdale Tigers, in what might turn out to be the Conference Championship game……

Like we were saying, Northwest will be fast and quick and smart…..Veteran quarterback Matt Pawlowski will lead the Vikings and he will have a lot of help in the backfield, with RB’s Reid Baxter and Dalton Dillon, plus the Harding kid that is up from JV’s…..Kyle Kristy and Ryan Overcash will be Matt Pawlowski’s primary receivers and the Vikings should be very strong on the ground…..Fast and quick and smart….Logan Lover will be one of the top defenders along with Kevin Parrish and Overcash, Kristy, Dillon and other Vikings will be there for the battle…..Jonathan Sugg will part of the line that carries the Vikings this year……

Northwest is working hard, as are all of our Guilford County, but this might just be the year that the Vikings are able to claim the Conference Crown…..Two a-days start on Friday and the work needs to be done….


  1. Andy,

    We all know the game well BIG and STRONG beats Fast Quick and Smart every time. NW will battle the same thing they always battled
    being smaller than the other teams. They were the biggest they have been in years last year and they did well.
    Size does matter in the game of football.

  2. too bad northwest is bigger at every position this year except for one with the loss of matt suggs and maybe an OLB and every team they played last year was bigger than them and they continued to win… this isnt the 70’s anymore where size is all that mattered

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