Greensboro Green up in Game One of Colt World Series at Lafayette, Indiana(Greensboro up 6-2 headed to bottom of 6th)

Bottom of the second inning with Corey Kimber on the hill for Greensboro Green:

Greensboro Green 3
Laredo, Texas 0

*****Laredo did have the bases loaded with one out in the bottom of the second….*****


  1. Very frustrating… and all they have is the first 41:30 recorded by way of UStream….You keep getting bottom of the second with three on base for Laredo and that is all you get…..They need a live audio or video stream of some sort…….Last year and before that, had the games and it was great…..This year they are trying to go UStream and it isn’t working for some reason….I wish there was another site where we could get the game LIVE like we did last year…..So far this year stinks, but if you or anyone else finds a site where we can get it LIVE, let us know…..I have been looking, but to no avail…..Looking at the first 2 innings and hearing the same thing over and over again, is getting old…..

    If one of our contacts out in Indiana has a score, send it our way…..Mr. Gunn is probably out there, you would think the Readers or others???????

    We/They need to get this feed from Lafayette straightened out and get it to us LIVE………

    Thanks for following us, we are trying to get it for you…..

  2. Greensboro up 6-2 headed to the bottom of the 6th inning…….

    Courtesy of Jeff Washburn and crew at…..See and go to their link above and they are our new source for tournament coverage….

  3. Just a few of those game highlights for Greensboro from……

    Matt Horkey and Corey Kimber single for Greensboro in a three-run first. In the bottom of the second, Greensboro 3, Laredo 0.

    Nino Marrero, Jaylin Davis and DJ Reader deliver consecutive run-scoring hits for Greensboro in the fourth. Greensboro, 6-0.

    Via Twitter with Jeff Washburn at

  4. Greensboro escapes a bases-loaded jam in the sixth. Laredo has stranded 10 in six innings.

    Still Greensboro 6, Laredo 2 headed to the bottom of the 7th inning with Laredo coming up to the plate…..


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