Did Deion Sanders have a little too much to say at the Hall of Fame inductions? Tebow or Orton at Denver?

Deion Sanders to the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Canton, Ohio on Saturday and did Deion have a little bit too much to say during his acceptance speech?????

Deion went in on Saturday along with Richard Dent(Chicago Bears), Chris Hanburger(Washington Redskins) and Ed Sabol(NFL Films) among others, and unlike the others, Deion talked and talked and talked and he thanked nearly everyone that touched his football career along the way….He thanked every team(Falcons, 49er’s, Cowboys, Redskins and Ravens) that he was with during his 14-year NFL career and he also had a good word for his former coaches, friends, mentors, players, neighbors, relatives and many other people that he met along the way and he personally thanked almost all of his old teammates, from Little League to the Big Leagues…..

Deion said in the end, he did it all for his momma….He did it for his momma, who worked pushing a cart through the hospital…..Deion did it all, so his momma would never have to work again….And he did it, all the way to the NFL Hall of Fame…..

Was there too much Primetime in the Primetime on Saturday night, on ESPN? Deion did go on and on, but was it a good thing? You did reach the point, where you thought he might not ever wrap it all up, but it was good Deion and this man would make a good/great minister……

Too much Deion for you on Saturday at the Hall of Fame inductions? Did you even watch Primetime in Primetime on ESPN?

The hot debate in the NFL camps this week and all of last week has become, “who should be the starting QB for the Denver Broncos”??? Do you go with Tim Tebow, or do you throw it into the wind and go with Kyle Orton? Former Carolina Panthers coach John Fox and his staff have a tough decision on their hands with Tebow being the younger kid coming from college in just his second year, in the NFL and Orton is a proven veteran with experience under his belt and knowledge of the game, while lining up, under center…..

Orton or Tebow, Tebow or Orton?? Looks like John Fox and staff are lining up with Orton, as their man and it may be the best decision, if Tebow can’t cut it, coming out of camp………

Take Tebow, or go with Orton?????


  1. Out with the old player Orton and stick with the new guy Tebow. Give the kid a chance that is all he needs. Still not sure if Fox is sold on Tebow with Fox being old man who likes to run the ball all the time. Tebow showed what he could do at Florida with National Championship for Gators. Need Urban Myer as coach at Denver. It would work.

    Deion spoke from his heart and it was genuine and you can’t put a time limit on something like that.

  2. I think Elway could be better than both of the two above, but I take Tebow. He is the future of the franchise for better or worse. Richard Dent better speech than Deion Sanders.

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