NewBridge Bank Jamboree today with Ragsdale, Southern Guilford, Grimsley, SWG, NEG, NWG and WG

NewBridge Bank Jamborees at West Davidson, Mount Tabor and Rockingham County High Schools…..(Guilford County Schools with Ragsdale, Southern Guilford, Grimsley, NWG, NEG, SWG and WG….) Games roll at 6, 7, 8 and 9pm at the above sites…..Full schedule for Varsity and JV below….

TODAY:Friday, August 12th
Gates open at 5:00 p.m.
Scrimmages begin at 6:00 p.m.

West Davidson High School
Lexington, NC

Varsity (Glosson Stadium – West Davidson)

6:00 South Davidson vs. Central Davidson/East Davidson vs. West Stokes
7:00 West Davidson vs. Ragsdale/South Davidson vs. West Stokes
8:00 North Davidson vs. Ragsdale/East Davidson vs. East Forsyth
9:00 West Davidson vs. North Davidson/Central Davidson vs. East Forsyth

Junior Varsity (Tyro Middle School)

6:00 West Davidson vs. Ragsdale East Forsyth vs. North Davidson
7:00 East Davidson vs. East Forsyth North Davidson vs. Central Davidson
8:00 South Davidson vs. Central Davidson West Stokes vs. West Davidson
9:00 Ragsdale vs. West Stokes East Davidson vs. South Davidson

Forsyth presented by Champion
Mount Tabor High School
Winston-Salem, NC


6:00 Glenn vs. Ledford/Reagan vs. Southern Guilford
7:00 Lexington vs. Mount Tabor/
Grimsley vs. Carver
8:00 Ledford vs. Reagan/Southern Guilford vs. Glenn
9:00 Carver vs. Lexington/Mount Tabor vs. Grimsley

Junior Varsity

6:00 Mount Tabor vs. Lexington Carver vs. Grimsley
7:00 Ledford vs. Glenn Southern Guilford vs. Reagan
8:00 Lexington vs. Carver Grimsley vs. Mount Tabor
9:00 Reagan vs. Ledford Glenn vs. Southern Guilford

Rockingham County High School
Reidsville, NC


6:00 Morehead vs. Southwest Guilford/Reidsville vs. Northeast Guilford
7:00 Rockingham vs. Northwest Guilford/McMichael vs. Southwest Guilford
8:00 Morehead vs. Western Guilford/Reidsville vs. Northwest Guilford
Rockingham vs. Western Guilford/McMichael vs. Northeast Guilford

Junior Varsity

6:10 Rockingham vs. Northwest Guilford McMichael vs. Western Guilford
7:10 Morehead vs. Western Guilford Reidsville vs. Northeast Guilford
8:10 Rockingham vs. Southwest Guilford McMichael vs. Northeast Guilford
9:10 Morehead vs. Southwest Guilford Reidsville vs. Northwest Guilford