Looking back at the Friday HS Football Scrimmages

Rain outs at NewBridge Bank Jamborees at Rockingham County and at Mount Tabor, but the West Davidson scrimmage went on without a hitch….

Dudley had success at Williams againt Burlington Williams and Eastern Alamance and Page was very strong versus Eastern Guilford….

News and Record had comments from Darryl Brown of Southern Guilford, Damon Coiro from Grimsley and Todd Willert from East Forsyth…..

Some of the reports from our readers on the Friday scrimmages:

Dudley Panthers….

Panthers – 3 scores
Williams – 0

Panthers – 2 scores
Eastern Alamance – 0

Defense played great , did not give up many first downs…..*****This says a lot for the Dudley “D”, since we know for a fact that Eastern Alamance is a very potent team, even though these were just scrimmage conditions and most teams don’t show their entire packages in their complexities….***** Solid job by Dudley…

Looking at Page….
We had some info on Page-Eastern Guilford last night, but here’s a look at Page overall….Overall on the night Page scored 8 times total to Eastern’s 0. All around great effort by the Pirates defense.
*****Page continues to play well and to shine thoroughout the pre-season…..*****

On Southwest Guilford-Morehead:
from SWG Cowboy fan and they agreed that Morehead might not have been the toughest competition around, but that SWG did come out ready to play, for the time they were able to get in although it was brief at the Rockingham County Scrimmage….
*****SWG went against morehead, and was this southwest offense looking hot again..The defense was looking great Braxton Daye was there and he sure did his thing Brandon Banks was also having a great game..
But the offense was looking nice saw larry edwards get the carries as he found the endzone a couple times while playing full back.
but then again most of the teams southwest will play are bettter than morehead can’t wait for the sw cowboys to take the field….*****


  1. No refunds to fans who purchased their tickets for the NewBridge Jamboree and that is probably a good thing, since that ensures that the schools will still get their monies from the Jamborees and that will help their athletic funds…..

    No re-scheduling of games, so most teams will need to hit their game week mode, beginning with practice on Monday…..Many teams will shift all practice focus to the afternoon sessions so they can get as close as possible to the regular Game-Week schdule that they will be using when classes resume on Thrusday August 25….

  2. Got a call from a Ragsdale fan this morning and said the Tigers looked pretty good last night…..Said the offense, especially those receivers that I talked about earlier in the year, they were very good targets last night…..The receiving corp could be the strength of this year’s Ragsdale team…..Defense is a little bit behind the offense right now…..Loss of Coach Johnny Boykin will hurt Ragsdale early in the year as they re-build their defensive structure……Could be another good year for the Tigers from what my Ragsdale man was telling me out of Jamestown this morning, but they do miss Coach Boykin and who wouldn’t???

    Haven’t heard from Mike Ellis yet, but he will be all over the Ragsdale team again this year with his coverage in the Jamestown News…….

  3. Went to the Eastern and Page scrimmage Page looks really good on both sides, James Summers is very explosive and the best quarterback in the area and will have a break out season but the guy to look out for is Page’s running back. I don’t know his name but he’s due for a big year, and Dudley defense is a great every year I know for sure there always in the top five or ten. Coach Davis does a great job preparing those guys and they get the job gone watch out for all-conference Chauncey Carter to have a big year. But the question I wanna is who are really the teams to beat this year?

  4. Hey Zachary, Page’s running back is Drew Rogers. That 75 yard or so TD run he had was explosive.

  5. Early impressions are strong in favor of the Page offense and the Dudley defense and that makes them the teams to beat in the Metro…..NWG and Ragsdale are the favorites and the early teams to beat in the Piedmont Triad 4-A and Eastern Alamance and Northern Guilford in the Mid-State 3-A and then Northeast Guilford and Southern Guilford in the Piedmont Triad 3-A and also WS Carver and High Point Andrews in the PAC 6 2-A….Those are your early teams to beat in a nutshell…..That is the way it is right now and it may change as the season unfolds, but there you have it on August 13….

  6. Ragsdale was ready to play last night. Lotta hitting going on. West Davidson scrimmage was not a contest. They were young and small. They knew their responsibilities but were just young and out-manned. As they get older they will be fine. Ragsdale went 2nd string very early.

    North Davidson was pretty good. Both teams scored on their first 2 possessions. Howver that was in a format where each team gets 12-15 plays (or so much time) regardless of the outcome. Then the coaches agreed to go straight football where a 3 and out meant a punt. Ragsdale scored 4 times to 1 for ND plus a field goal. ND has size and players. they’ll be good. Ragsdale has a few things to work on but overall looked like you would expect, quick and fast. Herndon looked good, o-line looked good and a couple of receivers looked very good. Defense has a couple of things to work on but they were hitting last night. They shut down a good ND team. You could tell they were tired of scrimmaging each other. On another note, Ragsdale faced ND immediately after playing West Davidson. ND’s first scrimmage was against Ragsdale, yet Ragsdale appeared to have the fresh legs.

    FWIW, East Forsyth looked good. Had a couple of good backs.

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