Busy summer on recruiting trail for Paris Kea, Page girls basketball

Paris Kea(Page High School) had her first un-official basketball visit to Wake Forest on Tuesday August 16. She met with the coaching staff and academic personnel and toured he campus….

Kea has also received two more offers recently – from The Pirates of East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina and the MuHawks of Monmouth University in New Jersey…..

As you can see, it has been a busy summer for Paris Kea……


  1. I doubt if Page HS had much to do with this burst of recruiting and/or unofficial visits. I would think this was more from her play within AAU with the Lady Phoenix. She is 1 of only about 3 D1 level players left within the public schools in Greensboro. Within the next couple of years, 80% or more of the D1 and D2 players for both girls and boys will be playing at private schools. We have already seen this with boys such as PJ, Pheo, and Richmond. Reggie at Dudley may be the only “great” player left in the high school public schools for Greensboro. Paris is 1 of only a hand full of potential D1 girls left in the public schools within this area. Soon programs such as what Coach Rudd has in Thomasville (previously at Oak Ridge) will get these type of players to go private. The private schools can offer these players the opportunity to play tougher schedules and potential scouting opportunities during the school sregular season that the public school programs generall can not approach. The unfortunate thing for this community is that the leadership within this county has turned it’s back on making the programs more competitive and has instead choosen to not play many of the private schools or even co-operate with them for whatever reason. All of these efforts are only pushing more and more of the top students and players into the private schools. Enjoy players such as Reggie and Paris while you can because they are modern day dinosaur’s in the current system. The future is private unless the leadership of our area changes.

  2. 3 Things

    1- Paris can hoop everybody know that. Her looks come from aau not page.

    2- Props to The Cowgirls but they everybody who knows, knows they only Won the State Chip bcuz the best teams didnt play good in the playoffs..to be real the woudnta won 2A or 3A states, no way they woulda beat Salisbury or South Central…and they might not have beat 1A champs Bishop Mcguines. They had two seniors who got no looks, cant win like that.

    3- For the people talkin about Reggie only great player left in public, he didnt even win player of year in conf. And word is that him and Brandon prob not coming back to our school this year.

  3. Panther/Pride

    WRONG! The best two teams did play in the 4A Chmapionship game and we won! You all could not have matched up with us. We played you all in a scrimmage and totally dominated. Do you not remember that before the start of last season? Heck, you all had to go in overtime to barely beat Grimsley. We had some of the best players in Zena Lovette, Shannon Buchannon, Jessica Pone, Shanel Lawrence and Brittany Conner. It was no way you all could match up. Paris scored 24 points on you all and could barely reach the rim when we played Page in the playoffs. We also had the Coach of the Year in the entire State.

  4. Wrong SWG!!!! Lovette and Pone are good but Paris Kea is on another level!!! She is gonna have a good year this year and player of the year in that conference. The only other player that it could be would be Ebony Goins from Dudley or KK Rouse

  5. There’a new sheriff in town for the 4A Metro conf….the name is Shaylen Burnett. I would hold off just a bit on that player of the year talk until you have the opportunity to see her perform with Southern Alamance this year. If you can’t wait then go to YouTube and get a sample.

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