Connecting with our football score providers for Friday Night Football

Contact me at so I can get with you and get your contact infomation for the Friday night games…We nearly every game in Guilford County covered last season and we need to do it again, with the help of our game reporters…..Contact me at so I can make sure we have all you contact info for Friday…..

We still need Rusty Lee(Page), Mr. Frazier(Southeast Guilford), Lori Loosemore(Eastern Guilford), Mary V.(Northeast Guiford)….. Got anybody out there from Northern Guilford, Southern Guilford or Southwest Guilford???? I think we have Dudley, Ragsdale and High Point Central, Western Guilford covered…….(We will be at the Smith-NWG game on Friday, so we have that one covered this week….)

We had nearly every game in Guilford County covered last season, so all that can, contact me at and I will get your number so we can call and check in with you on Friday nights and get all those scores……

Brian Hall from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports is a big score resource for us, but he can’t be at all the games, but sometimes it looks like he is, that man is everywhere with that NEWS 2 Sports camera…


  1. Andy–

    I entered the email address and it brings me right back to this site. I’d like to provide you with my info but I’d rather not leave it on a public forum. Do you have another address? I’d really like to provide you with updates this year…especially when Page is on the road instead of having to post them here or, if you’d rather we do that…either way is OK with me. Just let me know….


  2. Just E-mail me with your phone # and we will call you for updates…..Talked to Rusty last night and he is our primary Page contact, but we need backups and have them lined up now for several schools…..

    We need the life-lines and thank-you for being willing to help and please keep sending those score updates to the site as your game time allows…..Very beneficial and it mean a lot to the readers….

    And yes the E-mail for all is I am there and ready to get your phone info…….

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