The Pre-Season Top 25 College Football Poll and should the college football players be paid?

Here is the Top 25 AP Poll for the 2011 Pre-season and we have to ask the question, with all the nonsense that has been happening at Miami, should the college football players be paid??? YES! The college athletes should be paid…..I know they are getting their education, room and board, books, food and other perks, but what would be wrong with paying all the football players, say $100.00 to $150.00 a week in spending money….They are spending an awful lot of their time working for, and making money for, the schools and for the NCAA……Pay the football and basketball players, say 100 or 150 dollars a week…..These are your revenue sports and these are the kids/sports that are paying the bills for the athletic programs at almost all of your major universities…..

Let’s go with that 150-100 dollar number and let’s see and hear what you have to say about it…..Let’s also take a look at the AP Pre-Season Top 25 College Football Poll…(Remember, PAY the PLAYERS!)

5)Boise State
6)Florida State
8)Texas A&M
9)Oklahoma State
12)South Carolina
13)Virginia Tech
16)Notre Dame
17)Michigan State
18)Ohio State
20)Mississippi State
24)West Virginia
25)Southern California

*****Eight teams from the SEC with Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi State, Florida, Auburn…..(Two ACC teams in there, with Florida State and Virginia Tech)….*****


  1. just football and baketball?, players from the other sports work just as hard and your right about getting paid b/c they commit to the sport they have no money to go visit family or have any fun really

  2. Ever heard of Title 9? You cannot only pay football and basketball. It is illegal. Why this continues to be bantered around is amazing. Do the math on paying every athlete in every sport at every D1 school. It is not financially possible, even at the few schools making a profit off athletics. At a public university, a full scholarship is valued @ $70000.00. At a private school, value is $250000.00. That seems to be fair. Their are grants and loans available to those athletes for living expenses if needed. Let them join the rest of the student body with loans after all they are suppose to be STUDENT athletes.

  3. Football and Basketball are the only revenue producing sports on campus…..The other sports such as women’s basketball and even baseball are going in the hole….Without football and basketball the other sports could not stay afloat…..The players on the non-reveune sports would have to fund their own programs without the help of football and basketball….That is why 150.00-100.00 dollars a week would not be all that much when you look at how much money is being brought in at football schools such as Oklahoma, Alabama, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas, LSU, Florida State, South Carolina and others and the money that you see for the basketball programs like North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Indiana, UConn and others…..The amount of time put in by the players and the amount of money many of these programs are generating almost constitutes a job by the players any how…..Look how much time they spend on the field and in the weight room and the schools in many cases are making a killing and so is the NCAA……

    The players need some money that they can receive for all the time that they are putting in and maybe they should make football and basketball a major and give a degree for these sports and make them like classes too…..This would help many of the players that looking to go pro and it might be good to offer classes in how to manage their money, how to sign a contract, how to choose an agent, how to invest your money for the post-playing career and how to manage your time that you have left when you are not on the field………This type of degree and this type of curriculum would be of help to many of the players…..You could also offer courses under this heading that would teach a player how to buy and finance a home, how to do your taxes, and how to start a business and what businesses to invest in after your playing days are over…….

    This is a deep subject and the well has not run dry yet……

  4. They should not be paid. They are getting tuition, room and board, books, etc.. As somebody who received these benefits, that should be enough. They should be allowed to earn spending money by having a summer job. Isn’t it amazing that other students have to work for their spending money? The athletes should do the same.

  5. With all the summer workouts and training sessions that the football players are required to make and put in, I don’t think the college football players have time to work an outside job….I’m surprised the high school players even have time for a job….With all the practices, 7 on 7’s, weight lifting, camps, combines, and other details, where is there time to work…..The coaches’ demands on you are time consuming….

    Times have really changed in the past 5-10 years and with the fact that the colleges want you in summer school, there is little if any time to work an outside job……Morning football workouts, afternoon workouts, how can you have the energy left to work a job, let alone even mow the yard,,,,,,

    It is not on the high school level yet and I doubt it ever will be, but the college football and basketball players need to be paid some sort of spending money, say 150.00-100 dollars a week during the season and if demands on off-season workouts are so high that there is no time left for a job after classes and the workouts, pay them in the off-season too, while they are employed by the school that is making a large profit due to their efforts on the football field and on the basketball court……

    “The Time Has Come”…..

  6. I agree with you Andy, I say pay them. Football and Basketball are the only sports that generate revenue and make a profit at most universities. How would the non revenue sports make it if weren’t for the money makers.

  7. Fact remains it can’t be done because of Title IX. All sports must be treated the same by law. Not going to change the facts. Lawsuits would pop up all over. Sorry.

  8. The truth is without football and basketball you wouldn’t be able to fund the other sports. We all know about Title IX and I do understand its purpose, but lets just be honest most sports don’t make enough money to buy there own equipment. Universities use athletes (football and basketball) to make millions what do they make from the other sports. Sadly, college athletic is a business and if the non revenue sports were not turning a profit in the business world they would be cut

  9. Jay Bilas has the idea that it should be an olympic model. In this system, student athletes do not get a salary or a stated amount of spending money but instead have opportunities for endorsements. College Athletes, basketball and football in particular, are extremely busy year round so a steady job or really a job at all is out of the question. Something simple however, like putting the names of the players in college video games will force companies like EA Sports to pay athletes. I understand that is currently illegal. But think about it, is an endorsement anything more than a job? People on here have argued that athletes should just get jobs, so this should suffice right? It gives the athletes a way to make money and doesn’t take up enough time to interrupt any off-season workouts or practices or whatever. It is called the Olympic Model because olympians are not paid directly but make their money through endorsements. Title IX could not interfere with this model because it keeps the balance of fairness in tact as far as the NCAA is concerned. I am not arguing that it is completely fair because many endorsements would never happen for certain sports such as equestrian or something. What I am saying is that the NCAA doesn’t make it unfair, therefore the meaning of Title IX is upheld. A college student can be in a commercial and advertise something and get paid for it but a college athlete can’t? That is what is unfair. I want to hearsome thoughts because I think this a very interesting topic. Plus I want to be able to show anyone why this system would work.

  10. You think it’s bad now. Start paying the players and see what happens. Use your common sense. You think that the big time booster are not just siting in the wings just waiting for this to happen and don’t forget about the agents. The Olympic Model is also based on Athletes that are not in school . Most of the athletes forgo a year of school so that they can focus on their events for the up coming Olympics none if any are enrolled as full time students. That will not work on the collegiate level in football/ basketball . If we open that Door we are opening a Pandora’s box !!!
    Being a coach for some years I look at it this way if you have a group of kids that feel that they are NFL/NBA talent start a Farm League like they did out here in Texas ( but most don’t even make it in High school let alone big time College sports , but do it anyway..

  11. Oh just have to say this look into the money that AAU basketball Coaches make off the High school talent that they show case around the country . That is more important to me then if college players should be paid.

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