Hulk Hogan is coming to Greensboro and after standing in front of a mirror with a gun pointed in his mouth, “he’s ready to get Back to the Basics”

Hogan will be in town tomorrow night(Friday) and after years of aches and pains, plus a failed marriage(Linda Hogan), also add in two dysfunctioal kids(Brooke and Nick); “The Hulkster” is now ready to “get back to the basics of life”……At least that is the story he is telling to Go Triad and Robert Lopez, of the News and Record……The Gate City is not Luckenbach, Texas, but maybe he can “Get Back to the Basics of Life”……Mr. Jennings died trying to do so and you can read how Hulk Hogan(Terry Bolea) almost bought the farm, but he decided to stay around for the fall harvest season and you can read all about it, from Robert Lopez at the N&R, when you CLICK HERE…..