Looking back at last night’s high school football games with the Saturday Morning Rewind

The Page Pirates are the team to beat right now and that Page-Ragsdale game in just two weeks, in Jamestown looms large….It is going to be another big one, so keep those chin straps fastened…..

Page has that three-pronged offense with James Summers, Drew Rogers and Orlando Hatfield and that is going to be tough to stop, but Ragsdale has stopped it for the past two years…..Good to see Carter Stanley on the front of the paper with his pick last night and he has always been a very aggressive player in football, basketball and baseball…..TJ Logan going down and out, with the cramps, really killed Northern Guilford last night and he does appear to be the key to the Nighthawks offensive attack this season, with his running skills from the backfield and on his returns, plus he is playing defense too…..Daniel Downing now has no one to get the ball to him, since he has to get the ball to everyone else, as the full-time quarterback…….

Ragsdale was again very impressive versus Dudley and early on, the Dudley defense seems to be down a notch or two and that is to take nothing away from Ragsdale, the Tigers are very tough and they really have not slowed down at all with the change at QB, with Garrison Herndon taking over for Luke Heavner and congratulations to Luke, for making the team/squad at North Carolina and he may see playing time, although he won’t be at quarterback from what we hear, but he will surely erase all UNC fans fears that academics are falling, Heavner will bring that Tar Heel GPA way up….

For Ragsdale on the field, Herndon continues to impress and the kid catching my eye from what I have been reading is the track star, now turned football player, Xavier Jones….He seems to be using his speed and has found a way to incorporate the speed into a huge Tiger advantage, on offense….The kid can fly and from we have been reading, so can Anthony Stewart….Ragsdale has some real offensive weapons when you throw in Marquez Eleazor and I want to see how they are lining up Eleazor and Jones in the backfield….

Talking in terms of speed, Reid as in “Speed” Baxter is racking up the TD’s early in the 2011 campaign….On the scoreboard with 8 touchdowns already early in this season and he, along with Matt Pawlowski and Dalton Dillon on offense, can take the Vikings a long way this year……Ragsdale looms as the BIG game for NWG too down the road and the Vikings have a date in a couple of weeks with Northern Guilford, that will prove to be very BIG as well, and the Vikings will have to go to Northern and NWG is still smarting from a late loss to NG last season, at home….NWG is doing one thing that I think will really help them, as they get further down the road and deeper into their schedule….They have been able to grab a sizeable lead on their opponents and then they have been getting reserves into the games and have been able to let the backups get quality playing time, against the other team’s first unit…..This will develop depth for Northwest that will prove to be very valuable, as the days move on toward key conference matchups….Having reserves that have been tested makes your entire team battled tested, as you go into the bigger battles, that determine who will win the Conference Wars….

More impressions from last night show us Northeast Guilford can take a hit and make you pay after they adjust…..Down 15-0 early, to a Southeast Guilford team that is playing much better than many expected, NEG ran off 50 points and ended up leaving SEG way behind, in the end….The heart and soul of the NEG team is Jacob McCann and he is the man this year, for the Northeast Guilford Ram football team….Stop McCann and you have done something…Three more scores for McCann last night…..

In the win by Eastern Guilford, 21-20, over Southwest, it was good to see Tyler Hunt connect on all three of his PAT kicks, as that eneded up being the difference in the game….We have heard that numerous SWG Cowboys got ejected and that is not a good thing, since they will have to miss upcoming games as a result of the ejections…..Freshman Jarius Morehead caught a TD pass from last year’s Wildcat JV QB Heath Justice and Hayden Holleman also tossed a touchdown, with his going to Quan Moss…..Ray Bridges with 2 TD’s for SWG and Larry Edwards one….Two failed PAT’s cost the Cowboys and again, Hunt was three-for-three…..

Heard that DJ Reader had a big/nice game for Grimsley and the Whirlies found the ground to their liking, in the win over Morehead, but Jake Simpson will have to become involved for the Whirlies with his passing touch, if the Whirlies want to touch down with a road win at NWG next Friday….Tough task ahead and not much time to celebrate, as Grimsley gets ready to go to NWG….Very good to see both the Whirlie Varsity and JV’s win games in the same week, for the fist time in four years, as Coach Coiro was telling the N&R last night….Good sign of solid overall growth in the program…..

Juat based on the first two weeks of the seson, High Point Andrews looks to be much better team than local fans dreamed of, when the season was getting started….HPA has got under way at (2-0) and more than that, the two wins have been very sturdy wins at that….Week one, 27-20 over High Point Central and then last night the Red Raiders tripped up Smith, 33-6….Smith was the talk of the town and the county last year, with the Golden Eagles (10-0) start, but this year it looks to be a case early on, that the honeymoon is over for Ben L. Smith and for the young men on Holden Road, turn around time can not come soon enough….Smith needs some notes to build upon in the positive department, on this day…..

High Point Central is riding their quarterback Justin Johnson and the foot of their kicker/punter Will Johnson, as the Bison still seek to find their real identity….Will they be a running team or a passing team and after their first two games with the (1-1) record, it appears that they are passing the tests with a running game behind JJ and Zerrick Baker….Woody Cornwell could prove to be a very important part of the puzzle as a passer, if the Bison will be patient and let Woody settle in as their appointed gunslinger and make Justin more of their man on the move, as he runs the offense and runs the ball, maybe even with some Wildcat, or from the RB spot…..Only time will tell, but not much time to prepare or react, as the Bison get ready to face the Page Pirates next Friday, at Marion Kirby Stadium……


  1. Banks and Daye were ejected and those are the top two defensive players on that team..this will hurt and another LB was ejected can’t come across his name for some odd reason.

  2. SW Guilford was supposed to be world beaters, what happened to them? Haven’t heard anything from the best RB in the state too….

  3. SWG woulda blew eastern out but they had thier whole 3rd string linebackers in starting guard got ejected..
    and swg was playing aginst the regs not EG..when you lose two players like banks and daye that hurts…….
    but #3 raymond bridges did his thing he scored twice..and had a lot of nice carries i think this will go threw the nchsaa because one of easterns player were supposed to be ejected but were not..

  4. Fighting and hitting an opposing coach will usually get you ejected. A SWG player said his own teammates were talking smack the whole game. Not a good call against EG. Nobody can out talk them.

  5. ejections

    Did you go to the game?? Before you pass judgement on any of these players, you might want to watch the film. Last update I heard is that the SW players ejected where appealed and reversed. So Mr. Daye and Banks are cleared to play next week. As of hitting a coach, well the appeal would have been denied if that happened. And SWG?, never saw a championship won on the first two weeks of the season.

  6. Yeah banks and daye have been cleared and i think banks is coming back hungry so i feel sorry for the ledford tackles.
    SWG should have won that game..
    and they should look over #6 should have been out of the game..
    this should be applealed

  7. Really quiet out on Spencer Dixon Rd after the Beat Down Friday Night.


  8. If I’m the coach at SW Guilford the kid wouldn’t be playing anymore football I don’t care how good he is.

  9. A coach has to send a message to his players/player and if you don’t that player/players can take the team away from the coach. If it were me I would not let them even Dress for the next game EVEN IF THEY ARE Cleared to Play Just to make my point that this is my Team and you follow My Rules and getting ejected for Fighting is not going to make it.. The season is young so it wont hurt the team . And if they Quit then that is showing the other players That it’s not about the team IT’S ABOUT them , But if They returns it shows that they may have learned a important lesson in life.
    We don’t Play that In Texas!!!!

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