All-area Checklist and Power Team Sales/ Player of the Week

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For this week we look at Anthony Stewart(Ragsdale) with 5 receptions for 132 yards in the Ragsdale win over Dudley…..Garrison Herndon(Ragsdale) threw for 200 yards and ran for one touchdown…..Xavier Jones(Ragsdale) tallied two rushing touchdowns for the Ragsdale Tigers…..

Richard Hayes(Dudley) rushed for 126 yards and threw for 82 yards, in the loss by Dudley to Ragsdale….

Jacob McCann(Northeast Guilford) with 3 TD’s on the ground and a two-point conversion, plus 82 yards rushing and his work on defense for the Rams….Andrew Campbell(Northeast Guilford) 40 yard interception return and dominant on defense for NEG in their win over SEG….

Will Greene(Southeast Guilford) with two touchdown passes, going 12-21 in a loss to NEG…..

Eastern Guilford offensive line, with two different QB’s(Hayden Holleman and Heath Justice) completing touhdown passes, to two different receivers(Quan Moss and Jarius Morehead) and they helped pave the way, for the offense to put three touchdowns on the board, in a 21-20 win over SWG…..

Orlando Hatfield(Page) with 2 TD’s, with one a catch and one on a run…..James Summers(Page) with 2 TD runs and one TD pass….Drew Rogers(Page) with a TD run and a 75-yard kickoff return that set up another Pirate touchdown…..Page offensive line which allowed their backs to gain 312 yards on the ground……

Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) with 4 touchdowns and 128 yards on 11 carries(Baxter has now tallied 8 touchdowns in the first two weeks of the 2011 season)…..Anthony Harding(Northwest Guilford) with 2 strong TD runs…..Northwest Guilford offensive line which opened up the holes, that allowed their Viking backs to get 304 rushing yards……

TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) had two touchdowns versus Page, with one a 80-yard kickoff return for a TD and the other on a 25 yard run…..After Logan left the game, Northern was only able to muster 11 yards of offense, after halftime……

Grimsley Whirlies defense….Whirlies were able to push forward with enough offense, behind the running of DJ Reader and DeShawn Jones, but the defense was able to hold Morehead at bay enough times, to give Grimsley their first win of the year, 26-12 over the Panthers…..

DeMario Smith(Southwest Guilford) with 11-19 passing and 148 yards for two touchdowns and Ray Bridges(Southwest), who caught both of those TD passes from Smith, in a 21-20 loss by SWG, to Eastern Guilford……….

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