Had lunch last week with a football legend and a baseball legend in the same day

Lunch last week(Tuesday) at Chili’s on New Garden Road and had never been inside a Chili’s Restaurant before that day…..Nice and varied menu and I sat down to eat with a football legend, Bill Slayton(Southeast Guilford High School) and a baseball legend, David Nettesheim(Greensboro Adult Baseball), in the same day….

Coach Slayton now has the stadium named in his honor down at Southeast Guilford and he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet….He had much success as the football coach at SEG and he coached the Falcon baseball team to a State Championship, back in 1969….He and his wife Darcy, a former high school english teacher and a big fan of this site, well the Slaytons now live down near the McConnell Road area and currently reside in the Eastern Guilford school district and if Wildcat football coach Scott Loosemore needs a good inside connection one night, he could bring Coach Slayton back for a one-night stanza/session, on the sidelines…….

David Nettesheim is the rightfielder for one of our Greensboro Adult League baseball teams and he plays on the same team, with his son Matt….The other night, last Monday August 22, David came up late in the game, with his team trailing by 2 runs and he got a nice poke to right field to drive in two runs to tie the game and then he took second on a ground ball and later stole third…..The opposing pitcher then sent in a wild pitch to the plate and David Nettesheim sized up the situation and he told himself to go for it and he did and he scored the game-winning run for his team…..He might have picked up a strawberry or two in the process, but all in a night’s work, for the daytime service manager at Rice Toyota…….David Nettesheim still playing baseball and going hard in his late 40’s, say early 50’s…….

Good job again men and a tip of the cap today, to “The Coach” Bill Slayton, his wife Darcy and to the baseball player that lives in us all, David Nettesheim……….