Hey Cam Newton, you have just been named the Player of the Game after going 3-5 passing, for 25 yards and 1 TD:WOW!

The Carolina Panthers lost their final preseason game last night, 33-17, to the Pittsburgh Steelers and I caught the last couple minutes of the game on TV and I was lucky enough to hear the announcement, of the Carolina Panthers Player of the Game, for the TV broadcast…..The announcer Mike Morgan said, Cam Newton has been named your Carolina Panthers Player of the Game, after going 3-5 passing for 25 yards and one touchdown…..WOW!

Newton passes for 25 yards and he is named the Player of the Game….Maybe I am missing something, or maybe the Panthers are missing something…..Have I lost my mind or did sports and football in general just leave me behind, cause I may be crazy, but my first thought/impression is, “that’s all you’ve got”…..Twenty-five passing yards and you are the PLAYER OF THE GAME????? Is it just me, or does this strike others as very odd???

That is the Performance of the Night? Cam is 3-5, for 25 yards and tosses one touchdown…..Did anyone else do anything at all???

Player of the Game based on those numbers? As the old Southeast Guilford Falcon Kerry Gladson used to say, “that’s a bunch of bull”……What/who were our other choices???

This is flat out CRAZY if you ask me……Well on a side note, Cam Newton did not throw any interceptions during the preseason, but when you are only throwing 5 passes a game, well, maybe it is a good idea to limit your number of pass attempts, so you can stay in line for Player of the Game……..

Again, WOW! and again, “that’s a bunch of bull”…….

*****What do you have to do to be named, Player of the Year, complete 48 passes?*****