What do the Carolina Panthers need to do to get Cam Newton some help? Can you say, “Run the football?”

Thoughts on this one?

What do the Carolina Panthers need to do, to get Cam Newton some help???

Is run the football the answer? That is what we were saying on here yesterday afternoon….The kid is putting up some ‘Out of this world passing numbers’, but why haven’t the Panthers worked to establish the run, to take some of the pressure off of Cam Newton?

We were saying that on here yesteday afternoon and they were saying the same thing on ESPN with Mike and Mike this morning, as Eric Mangini stopped by…..

The Panthers have two strong runningbacks in DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart and why can’t they get them going and establish the run??? A oouple years back, the Panthers had both backs at over 1,200 yards rushing on the season and they still had a credible passing game, with Jake Delhomme back there at QB and they made the playoffs….

Right now Newton is the leading rusher and I’m not sure how long that can last and still expect to see Cam in control with his passing game……Newton needs some help and if it doesn’t show from the RB’s, then the opposing defense will eventually be able to sit back and pick his passing game apart…….

Cam is doing OK at QB(over 800 yards passing in his first two games as a pro), but Carolina’s runningback coach is getting called on the carpet this morning and he needs to get his RB’s jump-started soon, or his QB could be headed to the cleaners……