Caulton Tudor says coference growth means TV money and fan concerns are no longer an issue

The best laid plans of mice and men and TV money

from Caulton Tudor at the Charlotte Observer and the News and Observer……

Whether constant expansion improves ACC sports no longer matters.

The league’s schools clearly have reached a conclusion that growth for growth’s sake is smart business. That being the case, it made all the sense in the world that the ACC was up and at ’em just after sunrise Sunday.

After all, television money never sleeps, as Gordon Gekko might say.

By announcing the annexation of Pittsburgh and Syracuse from the Big East, the ACC will eventually get a raise from ESPN and elbow its way into the lucrative cable TV subscription markets in Pennsylvania and New York.

Like it or not, conferences in the traditional sense are on the way out in college sports. They’re being replaced by clumsy collections of television markets.

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