New checklist for Guilford County high school’s Power Team Sales/ Player of the Week

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For Week Five of the high school season and remember, we are looking for the Power Team Sales/ Player of the Week………(Power Team Sales Player of the Year at the end of the season.)

So far this season we have seen these young men take home the title of Power Team Sales Player of the Week:

Week One Winner:James Summers(Page)
Week Two Winner:Reid Baxter(NWG)
Week Three Winner:Ryan Johnston(NG)
Week Four Winner:Ray Bridges(SWG)

Who will it be this week?

What about Demetrious McCorkle from Dudley with 177 yards on 16 carries and 2 TD’s and one of his touchdowns came on a 73-yard run……Keenon Sharpe of Dudley also had a big game for the Panthers, in their win over Smith with 2 TD’s and some very hard-earned yards, on the ground….

How about Marlon Hughes and Khalen Pratt from Smith? Hughes with 79 yards rushing and 2 TD’s and some of the strongest running you’ll ever see and Pratt passing for 134 yards on a 7-13 night, he hit for one TD pass to Antonio Stimpson and Pratt ran for two, two-point conversion scores…..

What do you say about Justin Johnson from High Point Central? Justin was 16-30 in passing, with three TD’s and 252 yards, in a 21-20 loss to East Forsyth….

Let’s look at Jamal Petty from Southeast Guilford…..Petty plowed for 166 yards on 16 carries and 2 TD’s, in the Falcons victory over Grimsley….Teammate Derrick Biggs added 110 yards on 19 carries and scored 1 TD for SEG….

From Grimsley you had QB Jake Simpson with 124 yards and 1 TD, after going 19-29 on the evening……

Out at Northwest Guilford, in the Vikings’ Homecoming Game, senior QB Matt Pawlowski was 9-9 for 150 yards and he hit for a touchdown through the air on a 51-yard completion to Ryan Overcash and Pawlowski alos ran for one touchdown…….Balanced scoring for NWG on the night and the Vikings’ offensive line was huge up front, with the NWG offense gaining 301 yards on the ground and 150 through the air, for 451 yards of total offense….Let’s nominate the offensive line….

We turn our attention to the Tigers, the Ragsdale Tigers….RB Marquez Eleazor had 103 yards on 18 carries and 3 TD’s, while QB Garrison Herndon hit on 10-12 passes, for 138 yards and 2 touchdowns…..Herndon also sent a lateral pass to his brother, Coalson Herndon, who tossed the ball to Anthony Stewart, who then took it 33 yards for the score…..

From Southern Guilford, let’s look at Malik Mosley and Jamie Cunningham, again this week….RB Malik Mosely had 160 yards on 21 carries and 2 TD’s for the Storm, while Cunningham was 5-10 in passing, for 108 yards and 1 TD, while the Storm QB also ran for two scores…..

From there we go to TJ Logan, out at Northern Guilford and the Nighthawk runninback had a very big night in the ‘Hawks win, 56-0, over Williams….Logan rushed for 141 of NG’s 296 yards on the ground and TJ had 4 TD’s…..Not a bad idea to nominate the entire Northern Guilford defense that limited Burlington Williams to just 68 yards of total offense(21 rushing and 47 passing) and the NG defense scored three times, twice on fumble returns(John McBeth and Tre Purcell) and one more TD on a blocked punt return, by Tripp Dunn….Nominate if you will, the entire Northern Guilford defense, for a job well done….

Maybe we should also nominate the Page Pirate defense for their work in a win over Western Guilford…..The Hornets only gained 75 yards on the ground and just 65 through the air, as Page dispatched of WG 28-0….RB Drew Rogers had 83 yards on 16 carries for the Pirates and Drew had two TD’s……Very balanced effort for Page in the victory over Western, last Friday night…..

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