What comes around, stays around:North Carolina can’t get rid of Butch Davis, but do they really want to?

Dick Baddour has no issue with Butch Davis hanging around the program……

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I know it is not entirely the same, but remember back when John Blake, Gary Wichard and others were hanging around the program and where that got them….Maybe it is time for Butch Davis to move on, and head off into the sunset….What was that movie, “Butch Cassidy and the Sunset Kid”?

I’m just saying, but I’m saying, it’s time to be moving on………


  1. Hanging around the program? He has come to some home games and sat in a private suite with one of the largest donors at UNC. He has an interest in the players and coaches he brought there. The horror!
    But let’s continue to look for something out of which to make an issue.

  2. Since he is still hanging around see if we get him to show his phone records we have not seen them yet.

  3. Didn`t Oh Chucky “Clownshoes” Amato hang around the program after he was fired.

    If I was Tom O`brien and the ncs**** fans I would invest more time in worrying about why the teams he `s leading can`t
    win a inner division game on the road 0-11 and he`s only won 1/2 of his games and it`s not like he`s playing a juggernaut of a schedule.

    Get over yourselves your last in the acc in academics and West Virginia is pissed that the acc wouldn`t accept them and mentioned your school
    as being comparable. That my friends was completely hillarious.

  4. If only Tom O’Brien could beat UNC in Kenan.
    Oh wait,he can.
    By the way what place would UNC be in academics if tutors did not write papers for players and plagiarism goes undetected in most cases?

  5. Not last. And I really hope you aren’t naive enough to think it isnt happening at other schools. Maybe even ALL other schools. Not an excuse or reason. Just sayin….

    More heads to roll in Chapel Hill. Other schools will be next. Maybe interal investigations will begin across the board in the ACC….. nah

  6. STOP with the “everyone is doing it” routine Mick……you sound like a 7 year old!!! Just sayin……

    If Memory Serves……”Clownshoes” was fired for non-performance. Butch was fired for being a cheater…..the two aren’t close. The fact he’s hanging around the school is a joke. All other cheaters are normally shunned, not embraced. But whatever you fee comfortable with????

    The UNCheat fans still yapping are non-grads I suspect. Most grads are taking their shame quietly. It’s the Wal-Mart contingency that give UNC fans a bad name and through this scandal, it’s never been so clear as to who you are!!

  7. How about an independent investigation about the academic progress for athletes at UNC -Chapel Hill?Then follow it up with one for all of the UNC System schools.
    Chapel Hill should go first since they are in the spotlight now. After that the order of the investigations makes absolutely no difference.
    For example we could go by size and do NC State next, then ECU,then Charlotte, then App St etc.. I want to know if Chapel Hill is as bad as the media portrays them. If this is true or even close to it then there may be even more infomation to find. If it is suspected that other UNC schools are doing things similar to Chapel Hill then they also need to be exposed.Our taxes should not go in this state to aid athletic corruption in our Public Universities.

  8. NOT AGAIN is spot on!
    I am so tired of the “Everybody does it horse $h!+”.
    I thought the “Carolina Way” crowd was above such improprieties.
    That is the image they have tried to sell the public for years.

  9. Not so fast my pack friends!

    So everytime someone mentions anything bad about your beloved schoool like the students urinating in the stands
    the racial slurs in the express tunnel the ineptness of their athletic programs several of the players getting busted with performance enhancing drugs
    and by the way one of the same ones (roid rage) that beat a 65 year old bus driver up, these are all proud characteristics of your fine school and WE can go on and on and you know this, however this is the walmart segment of the unc fan base.

    There is a freaking railroad track running through the heart of your campus and fairground parking/stadium where someone was actually killed has got to be a huge embarrassment, but not if your a nc state grad I guess.

    Your academic standards are pitiful and your athletic ineptness speak louder than words.

  10. We are so inept athleticall that we only have a 4 game winning streak against The Unversity of Nortorious Corruption.
    If we weren’t so inept we would have a double digit win streak vs the cheaters.

  11. We are so inept athletically that we only have a 4 game winning streak against The Unversity of Nortorious Corruption.
    If we weren’t so inept we would have a double digit win streak vs the cheaters.

  12. Nothing will become of that investigation with North Carolina.
    Butch Davis will be the coach there until he retires.

  13. I very plainly stated that it was no excuse and I meant it. I am not defending UNC in this regard at all. PERIOD. But if you guys really think that UNC is the only school to have these issues you are just plain naive and silly. If you cannot see the difference between what I am actually saying and what you keep saying I am saying … then you are just ignorant. I would love for all schools to clean house of this type crap. I’d bet dollars to doughuts a lot of very quiet peeking under rocks is going on at several ACC institutions.

    Personally, I think the “you can only be a real fan if you graduated from the school” is total BS. AND is rather juvenile (which seems to fit in well here) AND would put a serious dent in all school pocket books.

    BTW … Class of 82 and one of many founding members of the UNC Kayak Club Team. Anything else?

  14. Mick……”the everyone else does it” routine again? Really? Come on dude.

    Look…..read the thread titles and stay on topic which is Carolina cheating! Maybe Andy will start a “don’t they all cheat” thread and you can respond with yes about 30 times.

  15. All right busted. Yeah. The kayak thing didnt work too well back in the day either. Seeing we didnt have boats or really even a team but we did have hats and shirts made. 🙂 Didnt stop us from telling folks we were 2 time ACC club whitewater champs though. On a good day we might even tell folks we had a whitewater simulator demo coming up in The Pit. Odd bunch of Hinton James semi-stoner types we were.

    Not Again: Are you sure you are reading my posts?

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