Games on for Tonight 9/23/11:Trinity at Southern Guilford(GAME ON!)

Trinity at Southern Guilford is back on for tonight…..Trinity at Southern Guilford is set for 7:30pm TONIGHT at C.K. Siler Stadium on the Southern Guilford campus……

South Stokes at Bishop McGuinness is also on for 7:30pm……

Looks like for right now, Northern Guilford at Eastern Alamance is still on for 7:30pm in Mebane…..Word also has it that you can catch that game on the radio at AM920…..

Unbeaten High Point Andrews(4-0) at Oxford Webb also appears to be be on the slate of games for tonight…….


  1. Wow. Nice call, Guilford County Schools. The sun is out, the fields are drying out and most of the games have already been called.

    Since when is it against the rules for football to be played in rain?

  2. I cant believe they did this the fields now drain well and they called these games waaay to early, the sun has been beating down on the fields for hours now and I feel fairly sure that the fields will stand up to one game. They have taken alot of the toughness out of the sport but some for safety reasons (I understand) but this is nuts. Its like cancelling school when it never snows at all. Exept schools do make money on games and people are more likely to bo to a fri night game than a monday night game, plus if your worried about injury…your playing kids two games next week with days less time to recover from game one, I just think it was a premature call.

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