High School Football Tonight for 9/26/11:Monday Night Football

High School Football Game of the Week on the radio, on this Monday night will still be East Forsyth at Ragsdale, in Jamestown…….Air time will be 6:15pm on AM950 and we will have scores from the other games throughout the night on the radio and also here at the site………

Here is the full lineup with kickoffs coming at 7pm and maybe a few at 6:30pm….Check listings below…..

East Forsyth(4-1) at Ragsdale(4-1)
Northwest Guilford(4-1) at Southwest Guilford(2-3) 6:30pm
Western Guilford(0-5) at Grimsley(1-4)
Southeast Guilford(4-1) at Smith(0-4)
Dudley(1-4) at Southern Alamance(1-4)
Eastern Guilford(2-3) at Morehead(0-5)
South Granville(TBD) at Northeast Guilford(4-0)
Thomasville(1-4) at High Point Central(2-3)


  1. Talked to some Page kids last night and they said they ought to be there scouting Grimsley tonight…..Big Page-Grimsley game coming up this Friday at Jamieson Stadium, but Grimsley has to get past Western Guilford tonight before they can turn their attention to Page….Josh Thompson from WG ought to be ready to come out throwing tonight versus the Grimsley secondary….That is where Wesstern has had success this season, passing the ball……

    If Grimsley gets caught looking ahead they might be in trouble…Can’t move on to the next phase, until the paint is dry on the first coat/game this week…..

  2. Speaking of Western throwing the ball.. They have 2 All-American offensive linemen up front, shouldn’t they be running the ball more? Seems like they pass the ball 30+ times a game. If you can’t run behind those 2, something is wrong.

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