Top players from Page and Grimsley over the years in football

Who would you list as the top players from each school from over the years, as the two teams get set to meet for the 51st time is it, later on this week……..

Page, would you say the top player to come through there was Tripp Welborne? Or was it Haywood Jeffires? What about Todd Ellis? Some might say it was Jeff Dunn……That’s four names and for a fifth? What about Marvin Johnson or was it John Newman???
(Is #18 James Summers about ready to move into that Top Five at Page, if he keeps on having the type of year he and the team are having, or is it to soon to call?)

Any way give us your top five if you will…..

And for Grimsley do we take Ruben Davis as the tops? Would it be Delton Hall? What about Ethan Albright? Maybe even more recent with Zach Maynard? Or was it Mike or Rod Elkins?

Who is the top player ever from each school and if you have time, spot us up with your All-Time Top Five?????

Last year we tried to come up with a complete team and this year we need to narrow our choices down to the Top Player Ever from each school and post a Top-Five to keep it a little more conceise…….

#1 Page=’s Tripp Welborne?
#1 Grimsley=’s Ruben Davis?