New skate shop, ‘Skate Hard’ on Battleground Avenue next to the OutBack Steak House

Check it out…..The Skate Hard skate shop with all your skateboards and accessories is open for you on Battleground Avenue, right next to the OutBack Steak House…..

Skate Hard has Skate Boards, Roller Skates, Roller Derby Equipment, Skate Shoes, All your skate clothing, pads, helmets and all the Skate Equipment you need….

Skate Hard is the top skate shop in town and they aim to prove it with:
The Best Prices in town…..
More product……
and Better Customer Service…..

They have a LIVE DJ on hand in the store on Saturday afternoons from 1-6pm with the best music and LIVE Entertainment…..

Store hours at ‘Skate Hard’ are Monday-Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sundays from 12 NOON till 7pm……

‘Skate Hard’ is Skateboard Central with the best prices, product and customer service in Greensboro……

You are starting to hear more about the Greensboro Roller Derby, so head to ‘Skate Hard’ to learn more about it……

Qualified professionals are on hand to help you with your purchase and help make sure you are satisfied with your Skate Equipment…….

Check them out and ‘Skate Hard’ with the Skate Shop beside the OutBack Steak House on Battleground Avenue…….

Names at ‘Skate Hard’ that you might recognize and look for their big billboard on Battleground Avenue and these names will be on display….

Skull Candy
9five Eyewear
Siris Shoes
Death Wish
and more……

Check out their store on Battleground Avenue, beside the OutBack Steak House…….