Davidson’s Stephen Curry makes like Rodney Dangerfield and goes ‘Back to School’, with NBA Lookout Looming Longer

from www.charlotteobserver.com:

DAVIDSON It was an awkward moment, that first day of class at history of education, when the professor did a roll call.

“Wendell Curry?”

“Actually, my name is Wardell,” the student replied. “But people call me Stephen.”

And with that, any hope of blending in was also history. The other students, mostly freshmen, stared and pointed because this was not your usual Davidson classmate.

He’s a newlywed rehabbing from ankle surgery. More distinctively, he could get a call any time telling him the NBA lockout is over, so hustle back to your real job as starting point guard of the Golden State Warriors.

In the absence of a lockout, Stephen Curry would be in the Bay Area right now, preparing for the start of training camp Tuesday. If the impasse drags into December, he’ll complete three classes in Davidson’s fall semester. That would put him one class and a senior thesis away from earning his sociology degree.

And what if the lockout ends during the semester?

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