Without football UNCG will never be taken seriously as an athletic institution:DIII by 2015 and SoCon play by 2020 would work

That’s about as plain as you can put it…..

UNCG will not be taken seriuosly as an athletic institution, until they add football as a sport to their athletic programs……The Spartans do not have a complete athletic department without football….

If they added football, they could be DIII by 2015 and then a full football playing member of the Southern Conference by 2020…..

The year 2020 seems very far off, but this type of sport implementation takes time….

Does this idea make sense to you? It does to me, but maybe not to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro athletic director, Kim Record…..

Record went on record, with the News and Record last week saying no to footall in the future….The N&R’s Gerald Witt asked Record is football in the future for UNCG? Record responded, “Not on may radar screen….There is a UNCG shirt, and on the back it says, “Still Undefeated.’ And we get the licensing royalties from that. And that’s a good thing.”

If you are making any money at all off a shirt that promotes a football program that does not exsist, think what you might make if you had a football program that took the field at Spartan Stadium…….

To me Record is being shortsighted……Right now the UNCG Spartans compete on the Division I level, but they may as well be playing intramural sports over there….There is no public perception for UNCG sports/athletics within the Greensboro community…..There was more buzz for UNCG men’s soocer back they when they were playing at the DIII level and winning National Championships…….

This school needs a buzz and College Football at UNCG would help to create that buzz…..The basketball move to the Greensboro Coliseum has not created that buzz….So far that experiment has not worked, but maybe we will start to see signs of it working this year…..Let’s hope so, for both parties involved, UNCG and the Greensboro Coliseum…..

The addition of football to the UNCG program is what will work….It will bring and draw that buzz to the university and to the city….It is what is lacking….Fans are looking for some Saturday night football to go watch and enjoy, live and in person…..Jamieson Stadium could house the Spartans in the early stages and then the team could move on campus to an expanded Spartan Stadium……Say a 20,000 seat stadium….That would work and can you imagine the buzz with Elon and Appalachian coming in here for a Saturday night game???

This is a great idea and I’m glad I thought of it and I wish UNCG would investigate the possibilities…..

UNC-Charlotte/Charlotte has added football and that is really creating a buzz down in their city and among the students and alumni throughout their campus and in the surrounding area…..

Old Dominion, up in Norfolk, Virginia added football and it seems to be working real well for the Monarchs…..

Football will bring a buzz to your city and to your campus…..It is what the Fall of the year is all about……

High Point University is looking to add football in the next 10 years and it wasn’t so long ago that Greensboro College, North Carolina Wesleyan, Methodist, Campbell and UNC-Pembroke added or renewed football programs at their schools….

This is a great idea and something needs to be done about it….There has always been talk about bringing football to the former Women’s College….UNCG used to be known as WC(Women’s College)……

Are the men/boys over there at the Women’s College afraid to play some football??? Is the AD Kim Record trying to protect her Spartan boys so they don’t get hurt?

What would it hurt if UNCG added football? The Spartans and their leader need a vision and they need to become forward thinking sports people…..

What would it hurt to add football? Nothing, it would help….. It would bring an excitement and a buzz to the university and if they followed my plan of DIII football by 2015 and a full Southern Conference contact/connect by 2020, then that would be a good working formula…….

I was thinking about this topic last week and then I saw the article in the Saturday paper and I decided to follow through and put this plan on the table…..

Former and long-time athletic director Nelson Bobb didn’t want football at UNCG….Current AD Kim Record appears to be against the the notion, based on what we saw Saturday, in the News and Record…….

UNCG just dropped one sport when they eliminated wrestling last year, why not add a sport to make up for that loss???

Am I the only one around here that wants to party and play some football at the Spartan Stadium?

You might say, “if you add football where is the money going to come from?”

UNCG has the Joseph Bryan School of Business, so why not stretch that business sense and go get the Bryan Foundation to fund the football program and then put Mr. Bryan’s name on top of the Spartan Stadium……Joseph Bryan Spartan Stadium has a nice ring to it……..

I still can see it happening by 2015, but we need to get to work…..But maybe the real problem goes back to what I was saying earlier……

Maybe Kim Record is afraid her boys over at UNCG will go and get hurt if they play football……Kim you’ve got to turn those boys loose and let them play…..In case you didn’t get the memo, they do wear protective equipment in football these days and the boys will be OK……

The boys will be OK…….Let them play…….

Come on Kim, Let Them Play!