High Schools banning video streaming of football games

The high schools feel that the video stream, on the internet, will hurt their attendance and give their upcoming opponents an unfair scouting advantage……That is some very wide-range speculation if you ask me…….

from www.charlotteobserver.com:

GASTONIA, N.C. Two high schools in Lincoln County are banning a media outlet from providing streaming video of their football games.

The Gaston Gazette reported that Lincolnton and West Lincoln high schools have banned the practice.

Athletic directors worry they’ll lose money from people who otherwise would pay $5 to buy a ticket to the game.

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  1. So make it pay per view. The schools could get paid to support their programs. That way out of town fans and relatives can watch.

  2. I doubt that any NC High School is going to get the Video Quality that would make people want to stay at home unless the real experience was so bad that folks would rather clean the toilet than attend a game. Part of HS Friday Football has always been seeing old friends and families – a weekly social event. Even with the new technologies, streaming most games is a money loser.

  3. It does not matter what the school does, it can’t stop streaming video. I know several people that use tools such as the IPAD to record and broadcast games on the AAU circuit. There are multiple apps with IPAD and other similar system that allow for this type of streaming video. Unless you are going to “outlaw” all video equipment by parents, or whatever, then you cannot stop what is happening already.

    These schools need to just accept the fact that these changes have occurred in the world and figure out how to embrace what you cannot stop. If a school or district was smart, they would do as mentioned above and figure out how to not only make money on the broadcast via an annual fee but use it as a tool to market the school and its programs. Yes – this will favor the private schools that often do not get the same mass exposure to families that the public schools get but if the publc schools do not embrace the technology, then the private schools will have a huge advantage in getting the attention of top athletics. Either way, you will lose something if you do not join the online party.

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