High School Football TONIGHT for 10/14

High School Football Games for this evening….Radio crew will be on hand for Dudley at Western Guilford and tonight is Senior Night at Western Guilford, on Friendway Drive….Radio air time will be 6:45pm and the kickoff is set to come at 7:30pm…..We will have updates on the other Guilford County games throughout the night and we will have the scores for you as well, here at the site/Greensborosports.com….Only three weeks remain in the regular season and THIS IS IT!!!!! Also Page Pirates’ Homecoming set for this evening…..And the games……..

All kickoffs set for 7:30pm…..

Dudley(3-4/3-0) at Western Guilford(3-5/3-1)
Southern Alamance(1-7/0-3) at Page(7-0/3-0)
Smith(0-7/0-4) at Grimsley(1-7/0-3)
WS Parkland(4-4/1-3) at Northwest Guilford(7-1/4-0)
High Point Central(3-5/1-2) at Kernersville Glenn(3-4/1-2)
East Forsyth(6-2/2-1) at Southwest Guilford(2-6/0-3)
Northeast Guilford(6-1/1-1) at Southwestern Randolph(3-5/0-2)
North Forsyth(2-5/1-1) at Southern Guilford(5-2/1-1)
Rockingham County(5-3/3-1) at Northern Guilford(6-1/4-0)
Eastern Guilford(4-4/2-2) at Western Alamance(6-2/3-1)
Randleman(6-2/2-0) at High Point Andrews(7-0/2-0)

Southeast Guilford(OPEN)

High Point Central
East Forsyth
Western Alamance
High Point Andrews

*****On the season, picks now stand at (63-16) for the year…..*****


  1. Andy,
    The only place we disagree tonight is Grimsley will beat Smith tonight. I haven’t picked them much this year but they are going to sneak one by tonight. I think it will be much like the WG game. Final score Grimsley 12 Smith 10.

    Going way out on a limb here but that is way it is going down tonight.

  2. @Gfan-I didn’t pick your boys in the poll but I’m beginning to feel I might’ve made a mistake in picking Smith. Sitting here right now, if I had to guess, I’d say I’m sure the Whirlies are gonna pull one off before the season ends. I’m just glad it wasn’t with my Pirates!

  3. 38 seconds into the game. Page scores. 10:08 into the game and we’ve had two penalties called against us.

  4. Looks like Page is going to score. Yup! It’s 62-0. If the kick is good–yup. 63 to 0.

  5. BJ-
    First of all…..Good Morning! (now that I got THAT out of the way) It seems to me as if you’ve had some sarcasm along with your coffee this morning. For me, I’ve been visiting this site for the better part of a year and my posts from last night with the updates are no different than what I’ve done each and every Friday night since. Instead of digging, trying to be so negative toward me with your subliminal yet pitiful attempt at sarcasm, ask yourself did I remotely give you ANY permission to address or mention me in your comments? The answer is an absolute….NO! Since I’m a sweet, caring, loving, kind person and it’s so close to Christmas, I’ll give you a pass….this time.

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