Friday Football Fever Game of the Week voting update

The voting ends at 9am Wednesday morning and here’s how it looks so far as of 1:10pm on Tuesday afternoon…..from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and…….

Southwest Guilford at High Point Central- 231
Graham at Eastern Randolph- 188
Page at Dudley – 92
SW Randolph at Asheboro – 28

CLICK HERE to go vote now…….At…….


  1. Southwest Guilford (2 – 7) High Point Central (4 – 5): Great records for the WFMY viewing area “Game of the Week”. Maybe it should be called “Most Popular Game” or the “Game that Gets the Most Votes”. Not a very good reflection of football in the area if that is considered the “Game of the Week:”. Kind of like Dancing with the Stars. Talent not needed to apply.

  2. Let’s all vote for Mallard Peck and Audrey Crow this week so Lame Mike can see a game up to his competition expectations. He’s studied lots of blogs so he knows his stuff people. They got big kids boys and we all know that all our kids here are small and slow. Page conceed the playoffs now cause Lame Mike knows all.

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