News on the quarterback that Dudley will be facing this Friday night at Davie County

The Dudley Panthers have a steady QB in the lefty #3 Richard Hayes, with solid backup from the senior, another lefty, #4 Adrian Slade….

Here is the word or least part of the word on the Davie County quarterback that Dudley will be seeing this Friday night at Davie County, to face the War Eagles, who made it to the 4-A State Title game last season with wins over teams like Mount Tabor and High Point Central along the way and Davie County fell in the final to the Durham Hillside Hornets……Dudley won back-to-back 3-AA titles in 2007 and 2008……

Here is that word on the Davie County QB, Adam Smith, from the Winston-Salem Journal………

Adam Smith:

Last year DC coach Doug Illing of Davie said that he inserted Smith — now 5-foot-10, 165 pounds —as a defensive back midway through last season because of his athletic ability.

Illing knew that Smith would not play quarterback because then senior Carson Herndon had the quarterback position nailed down.

But Smith played well enough on defense last year that Illing is having a hard time getting him off the field now.

“He is 100-percent quarterback and playing some DB,” Illing said. “He’s been getting a lot of reps the last few weeks. He is that type of competitor and that kind of conditioned athlete to handle it well, knock on wood.”

Illing’s run at Davie over the past decade hasn’t featured a quarterback with quite the package of skills that Smith has flashed. Cooter Arnold was the best running quarterback; Garrett Benge was the best passing quarterback. Smith can do both, and he has helped Davie average 29.4 points a game.

He has completed 77 of 142 passes for 1,301 yards and 10 touchdowns, and he is second on the team with 389 rushing yards. He also leads the War Eagles with seven rushing touchdowns.

“He has legit 4.5-(second) speed (over 40 yards),” Illing said. “He is definitely a quarterback, an athletic quarterback. Lenoir-Rhyne is looking at him as a quarterback and we are selling him to others as an athlete, as a defensive back, as a receiver. Everyone wants a 6-3 quarterback, and he’s not that.

“He has great instincts to be a DB in college, but it’s hard to sell when he doesn’t play it 100 percent of the time. We have to sell him as an athlete.”