Looking ahead to next week’s games on 11/11/11:Round Two Biggie with NWG at Page

How big can it get? Two Guilford County teams meet in Round Two in the 4-Two AA(4-AA) bracket at Page’s Marion Kirby Stadium……It doesn’t matter what the two teams records are, it’s Northwest Guilford at Page next Friday night on 11/11/11….This game will be Extra Huge…..Two Guilford County teams in Round Two and we have a full week to talk about it….This is the one many fans have been dreaming of……

Also we will see the upset-minded Dudley Panthers at unbeaten Porter Ridge, in 4-A play…..Northern Guilford will play host to Western Alamance again, with WA topping Overhills tonight, 34-7…..Chapel Hill topped Asheboro 7-2, in another 3-AA contest and Chapel Hill will now travel to (11-0) Fayetteville Byrd next Friday night…….

Back to 4-AA ball, Independence goes to Matthews Butler, as the two Charlotte-area powerhouses meet again….Independence 29-28 over East Forsyth tonight….

If Ragsdale gets past North Davidson on Saturday night, the Tigers will be at (10-1) Mount Tabor, next Friday night…..

Looks like Southeast Guilford will be going to Scotland County next week….The Scotts were postponed and they still need to handle Harnett Central tonight(Saturday), but they should do that and advance as the #1 4-A East seed and SEG at Scotland County next Friday night looks to be a very strong possibility……As far as Dudley playing at Porter Ridge, they(Panthers) don’t care, just glad to still be playing, as all the teams that moved on to Round Two….

Good luck to all the teams and we should be in for a barn-burner with Northwest Guilford at Page next Friday night, on 11/11/11……Get ready for the BIG ONE…..Just 7 days away at Marion Kirby Stadium with NWG coming in to face the Pirates…..


  1. My boys are off to the mountains after an outstanding performance tonight. I hope they have a great time at Windy Gap but once they get back, it’s back to basics AND business!
    Incidentally, there was a “slight” altercation on the field tonight but I’m glad my Pirates held their composure and kept everything in check. There were a lot of emotions on that field yet at the end of the game, the Pinecrest guys did more than just shake hands. They were encouraging the Pirates to win it all. It was good to see the sportsmanship and the respect that they shown afterward. It took a lot for them to do that because you could see that a lot of them were visibly heartbroken.

  2. James Summers missed practice??
    The team accepted his excuse ??
    Problems on the Pirate squad??

    So many questions , so few answers…

  3. G man it was a personally thing, excuse excepted. Let’s move on. The boys were great last night.

  4. Glad Putnam got a chance to start a game. I guess that was the reason – but whatever it was hope we can see some combo Summers/Putnam during the playoffs. Two very talented QB with strengths that could help the team with them both on the field on some downs.

  5. G Man, let me guess; the G stands for Grimsley.

    Let me give you some advice. Don’t worry about the Page Pirates. I know you’ve got all this time on your hands now that Grimsley’s season is over, but that’s no reason to invent problems that don’t exist.

    I’d worry more about how your team will manage to get on the scoreboard against Page in 2012.

    Enjoy your (long) off-season.

  6. CONGRATS TO ALL Guilford County Schools on a job well done. I would like to add a knod of respect to Coach G of Page. You have to respect any coach who benches his star player in a playoff game. I know Page is a good TEAM, but anything can happen in a quarter of football in a one and done situation. Page started slow, but stepped up and competed. Whatever went on with Summers is none of our business. His coach and or the Page brass handled it. Let’s respect that.

  7. Great game coming up…I believe there are lots of people here in the area who are Guilford County fans and who have been wanting to see this matchup take place…I expect a great game and a nice crowd to this one, so long as we have decent weather…

  8. @ Page Fan, thank you for that comment. I am a parent to a NW senior player and this Friday night he will be playing against some old rec ball (Guilford Steelers to be exact) teammates who are now Page Pirates. I knew eventually this day would come. And no matter what happens or what the turnout, it has been a wonderful journey since age 7. I appreciate all the players and their parents who I’ve met along the way. I’ve really enjoyed watching these kids grow as athletes and into young men. Good luck to both team. Keep each other safe.

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