Looking at 4-A Football Records Since 1999

Info collected from over at WRALSportsFan.com and their HighSchoolOT……

Records of State-wide 4-A teams since 1999 with top Guilford County teams listed….

DUDLEY 125-50

These two teams meet this Friday night and they have had much success since 1999:
RAGSDALE 134-32 vs. MOUNT TABOR 120-45-2

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  1. ” the ragsdale tigers had a wounderful football game agaist the knights form north davison so you now ragsdale is ready to beat mount tabor in the 2nd round they are looking for a victory for the 3rd round

  2. As to Ragsdale’s record, Norwood has built a great program on and off the field. Not many coaches average 11 wins in a program which Norwood has done since he has been at Ragsdale. Sometimes you will find some that 2nd guess or find fault but just about any other coach would love to have his record, and every coach is going to be 2nd guessed from time to time. Another person that deserves some credit is the principal Dr. Kathy Rogers. She hires good teachers that are also good coaches. We have great asst. coaches as well. It makes a difference having a lot of your coaches in the school during the day. She is very supportive of Ragsdale athletics. You can’t win without a supportive principal.

  3. Page’s all tme winning percentage (including this year): 71.09%

    Win number 400 came against Grimsley, this year

  4. Joe, really! Nobody much cares what Page’s all time winning percentage is! That’s not what this thread is about. It is about wiinning percentages since 1999 and now you got to start throwing up your all time record! C’mon MAN!

  5. Thanks for the info Joe. Very impressive all time record and winning percentage for Page. I am always interested in hearing about the history of the area schools despite what “So what Joe” says, people do care. I think it is harder than it should be to go out and find stats like this. So thanks Joe and Andy for posting the info.

  6. And Page fans wonder why some people hate on them. It’s got to be all about Page. Look at me! Look at me!

    I too would like to hear about the overall records for ALL the schools. Not just Page. But maybe in another thread. Just curious, what are Page’s numbers since 1999?

  7. I can post up all of Guilford County and Forsyth County schools all time winning percentage and records if you guys want. I am a Page alum, which is why I posted it.

  8. Teams———————–W—L—-T—–Win %
    Northern Guilford———-36—5—0——88%
    Greensboro Page———394-162-9——71%
    Winston Salem Carver—-227-90–6——71%
    High Point Andrews——344-169-4——67%
    Jamestown Ragsdale—-366-188-5——66%
    WS Mount Tabor———-190-119-4——61%
    Northeast Guilford——–305-232-9——57%
    High Point Central———313-243-3——56%
    Western Guilford———-262-214-3——55%
    WS RJ Reynolds———-283-232-9——55%
    Greensboro Dudley——-273-241-9——53%
    WS Parkland—————263-237-7——53%
    East Forsyth—————277-250-10—–53%
    West Forsyth————–264-240-8——52%
    Kernersville Glenn——–148-146-1——50%
    Southern Guilford———217-225-7——49%
    Southeast Guilford——–244-267-7——48%
    Greensboro Grimsley—–250-274-13—-48%
    North Forsyth————–230-267-8——46%
    Southwest Guilford ——150-196-1——43%
    Greensboro Smith——–202-294-6——-41%
    Eastern Guilford———–164-240-0——41%
    Northwest Guilford——-197-311-8——-39%
    Winston Salem Atkins—-15-52-0———-22%
    Pfafftown Reagan——–11-53-0———-17%

    Please note that these records do not include this years games, and some schools could be missing a couple of games due to not being able to track down scores in old newspapers from rain postponements and missing papers.

  9. Hey Thanks Joe….great stuff. How about that Page record from 1999, the topic of the original post?

  10. Page record since 1999 (including this year)

    99 – 56 Pretty good considering they had that 0-10 year.

    As for Ragsdale and Norwood – I concur with the comments above. Norwood is a helluva coach that has built a consistent, winning program. They always play hard. They always play smart. Other than Toney Baker he’s done it without any high profile D-1 players. I can complain about play calling and getting conservative with the best of the coaches in the stands – but at the end of the day Norwood knows his stuff. Haven’t had a kid play for him yet but I have one more to go and I hope Norwood sticks around long enough to coach him. (If I can talk the last one into playing football).

    Thanks Tommy for making Friday nights in the fall something to look forward to and good luck against Mt. Tabor.

  11. Mark,

    You sound a little like me when I talk G’boro high school football with my a good friend of mine from Page’s Class of 91′ linebacking corps. Whenever he starts running off at the mouth……… I remind him that he was the same guy crying about a 0-10 record. Even though it has nothing to do with the success they are having this year, it does seem to slightly bother him.

  12. @ Mark and Damon: Your words of wisdom do not go unheard, and are greatly appreciated in times like these. Though our Tigers didn’t win the game against Mt. Tabor, they learned so much that will move them through their journey into adulthood; and will always reflect upon the memorable times they had during the Fall months at Ragsdale High School. Thanks to ALL the coaches and staff, and also to Principal Kathy Rogers for helping make these things possible.

    NWG – you played a good game against Page! You deserve to be very proud of your team. You are no doubt a fine bunch of young men. Good luck next year!

    Page – NOW GO GET BUTLER! I may see u there!

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